$2,000 Threshold in Massachusetts?

by Jack
(Attleboro, Massachusetts)

Three people were injured in a car accident in Massachusetts but each of them have medicals between $400.00 and $ 700.00. Can they bring a claim for damages since there is a $$2,000 threshold in Mass?

Can you please explain what this threshold is and what it means to personal injury claims? I can't believe it's impossible to recover damages less than $2,000. Thanks for any insight you can give on this issue.

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ANSWER for "$2,000 Threshold in Massachusetts?":

Jack (Attleboro, Massachusetts):

Massachusetts is a No-Fault insurance State and is unique to other No-Fault States.

In 1981 Massachusetts General Laws, Ch. 231, ยง6D established a "threshold" of $2,000 dollars which must be met by the injured party for him to be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering. This applies to any accident within the state. If an injured party doesn't meet the $2,000 dollar threshold he isn't entitled to compensation for his pain and suffering.

For an injured party to qualify for pain and suffering compensation he must meet at least one the following criteria:

(1) He must exceed $2,000 in "reasonable and necessary expenses" incurred in treating his injury, sickness or disease; or

(2) He must have suffered permanent and serious disfigurement; or

(3) A fracture of one or more of his bones; or

(4) A loss "in whole or part of a body member;" or

(5) Loss of sight or hearing; or

(6) Death.

With credible proof of their injuries your friends will be able to recover their medical bills of $400 and $700 respectively. Unless they meet one or more of the above criteria that's all they will get.

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