Auto insurance requiring doctor's evaluation to drive?

by Kelly
(Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

I have a new auto insurance policy with an insurance company out of Tulsa, OK. On the questionnaire, instead of saying I am unemployed, I responded that I am on disability. Now they are demanding I have a Doctor complete a form saying whether he thinks I am able to drive.

In the form there are invasive questions asking about my private medical history and treatment. They even want to know what meds I'm on and what I am being treated for.

I've had a valid Drivers License in Oklahoma since the 1980's and have never had an insurance company require my medical history. Is this legal for them to do this? Why do they need my private medical information. I feel my privacy is being violated. Thank you for your time.

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ANSWER for "Auto insurance requiring doctor's evaluation to drive?":

(Oklahoma City, OK, USA):

Unfortunately, the insurance company has the legal right to ask you any questions they would like. The company is a private entity. This means they are in business to make a profit. To do so, they seek to eliminate or diminish liability, including medical payments required for an insured, and for injuries and/or property damage the insured may cause to others.

You stated you were disabled. The insurance company has no way of knowing if your disability is one which might cause you to be a menace to yourself or to others while on the road.

Moreover, because the insurance company has a right to insure whomever they like, you have an equal right not to purchase an insurance policy from them. Instead you may choose to seek insurance from another company.

If you aren't comfortable giving the insurance company your private medical information, then you will have to decide whether that discomfort is worth your being insured with them or not. If not, seek another insurance company.

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