Boy Injured When Television Fell on Him...

by Mark
(Bonifay, Florida USA)

We just recently purchased a forty two inch television about one month prior to it falling on my son. I called the store where we purchased the television and they said that there was nothing they would do for us regarding the accident.

We had to take our five year old son to the emergency room for his injuries. It knocked him down and backwards landing on top of him and slamming his head into our hope chest. He received scrapes on his knees where the screen had busted. He also received a severe sprain to his hand that swelled up and looked like a lobster claw. The injury to his head was external thankfully, although he did receive a knot on his head the size of a golf ball.

Luckily the cord of the television came unplugged before landing on him or he more than likely would have received an electric shock. He still favors the other hand although it's been around three months. He also still says his hand is hurting.

Do we have reason to file suit against general electric and the store we bought the television from considering they said it wasn't their problem?

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ANSWER for "Boy Injured When Television Fell on Him...":

Mark (Bonifay, Florida USA):

From the facts you present we're unable to determine why you believe General Electric and the store were negligent, and thereby responsible for your son's injuries. We need to understand what you believe General Electric or the store did to cause the television to fall on top of your son.

For the sake of discussion we will presume the store installed the television. We will go further and presume the television was affixed to the wall by the store's employees.

If the store's employees improperly installed your television, and as a result it fell on your son, your case against the store is very strong. In that case collect your son's medical bills. Be sure to continue his treatment, and follow the doctor's orders.

When your son fully recovers write a letter to the store's management reminding them of the incident, and your son's resultant injuries.

Tell them you expect them to pay your son's medical bills, and also any out of pocket expenses you incurred, including, but not limited to: bandages, medicines, and even a portion of the amount of gasoline you used driving to and from the hospital, doctor's offices, drug stores, and similar places.

Because the store already denied responsibility, and refused to pay any amounts it's likely they will not change their mind. If they continue to deny responsibility contact a local experienced Personal Injury Attorney. She will review the facts and advise you of your legal options.

Most experienced Personal Injury Attorneys will not charge any fee for an initial office consultation. We suggest you take full advantage of this opportunity.

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Best of luck,

Judge Calisi

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