Broken glass injured my eye witnessing a fight at a nightclub...

by Ricardo
(Stamford, CT, USA)

I was exiting the night club when a fight broke out. Glass was getting smashed and bottles were getting thrown. I was not involved in the fight, but broken glass cut my face and some shards got in my eye.

I went to the hospital to get my wounds and eye cleaned out, and now my eye is getting blurry and has been discharging fluid. I'm going to see my eye doctor later today to see what the damages are or if it may be permanent.

My question is, is it possible to sue a night club if shards of glass cut your face an got in your eye because of a fight that broke out? How can I get someone to pay for these medical bills? Thanks.

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ANSWER for "Broken glass injured my eye witnessing a fight at a nightclub...":

Ricardo (Stamford, CT, USA):

You may have a valid negligence claim against the owner of the nightclub. Nightclub owners have a legal "duty of care" to do everything reasonably possible to protect their patrons.

You don't have to sue the nightclub owner. Instead contact her and explain what happened. If the police were dispatched, get a copy of the police report. It should only cost a few dollars, certainly under $1o.

It's quite probable the night of the fight the bar owner was notified by security or other employees. There may be a form of "incident report" which was filed at or about the time of the incident. The nightclub owner was certainly insured. Hopefully she will cooperate and turn the matter over to her insurance company. From there you'll be able to negotiate a settlement of your claim.

If you aren't able to get satisfaction, you may have to seek the advice and counsel of a personal injury attorney. Most will not charge for an initial office consultation.

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