Broken Jaw From Getting Punched in a Bar...

by Charlie
(Kihei, Hawaii)

I had just got off work and went to have a beer at a bar. Right after my friend and I got our beer someone punched me in the jaw for no reason. I'd never seen this guy before. Instead of the bouncer holding the guy they let him go. My mouth is now wired shut for 6 weeks.

Can I sue the bar for the guy breaking my jaw for no reason? Is there anything else I can do?

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ANSWER for "Broken Jaw From Getting Punched in a Bar...":

Charlie (Kihei, Hawaii):

The bar certainly may have some liability, especially if they let the person who assaulted you leave. It's hard to believe a man just struck you for no reason, breaking your jaw, and then just walked out as if nothing happened. There must have been some action which precipitated the assault.

You should have contacted the police after the assault. If the assault truly was unprovoked the police should have been called. It may not be too late. To have any type of a claim against the bar you will have to have some supporting documentation.

Your medical bills will be excellent supporting documentation, but you really will need more. A police report, witnesses statements, and medical bills are all excellent supporting documentation.

Contact the owner of the bar. If you were so badly hurt the owner should have heard about the assault. Whether she did or not you need to make contact to begin the claim's process.

Tell the owner you had nothing to do with the assault. Tell her the assault was entirely unprovoked, you weren't intoxicated and did not contribute any actions which might have provoked the assaulter. Tell her you have medical bills which need to be paid (or reimbursed). In addition, tell her you expect an additional amount for your pain and suffering.

In all probability the bar owner will either ignore you, refuse to accept liability, or refer the entire matter to her insurance company. If she refers the matter to her insurance company, an insurance claims adjuster will contact you to begin the process of settlement. If the bar owner refuses to cooperate, you will have to consider legal action.

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Judge Calisi

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