Broken Leg at a Bar and Grill...

by Jack

I was eating dinner at a Bar and Grill. When I was leaving out the doors, I literally took 3 or 4 steps and fell breaking my leg/ankle in 3 places and had surgery. It has been quite painful and I cannot work and make money for Christmas. I need some advice as to what to do.

I have pictures if needed. I got someone to help me to my car and from there I drove to the hospital. I had no alcohol either. What do you think I should do?

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Slip and fall accidents are difficult because you need to prove that there is some negligence or liability on the part of the bar owner. Premises owners have a duty to regularly inspect and make patrons aware of any known dangers and hazards.

When you exited the building, was there a "danger" or "hazardous" condition that you noticed? Unfortunately, property owners are not always liable when people fall unless there was a reason, attributed to the property owner's negligence. You will not know whether they are accepting liability however, unless you submit a claim.

The best thing to do is advise the bar and grill that you were injured and intend to submit a claim. Ask for their insurance information as the insurance company would be the ones responsible for the pay-out.

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How much should i settle for approximately min/max?
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply, the restaurant owner has came forward and wants to sit down and discuss a price to compensate for my leg. I have made a claim with my lawyer to handle the situation.

I'm 23 and broke my fibula, heel, and somewhere in my ankle, i had surgery and there are 3 pins down through the top of my foot. I will not be claiming lost wages because i was in between jobs.

This is keeping me from working and snowboarding and has been extremely uncomfortable and painful.

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