Broken Wrist from Fall at Work...

by Lacey
(Middletown, Ohio)

I was going to the bathroom at work when I slipped and fell. I went to wash my hands and slipped on water that had been leaking from the toilet. There were no wet floor signs around.

I fell on my hand and broke my right wrist. Wouldn't my work be responsible for this since there weren't any wet floor signs around? Thanks.

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Lacey (Middletown, Ohio):

There is a good possibility your employer may be liable for your injuries. If you have Workmans Compensation insurance notify the company’s insurance claims representative as soon as possible. You may be able to recover any medical bills you incur, and compensation for a majority of any lost wages while you are recovering.

If your company is not required to carry workmans compensation insurance, your claim should still be just as strong. From the facts you present you were not contributorily negligent at all.

You may have to go about recovering for your medical treatment and other related expenses directly from your employer. If the only money available for repairs is with your insurance company, they may very well be the only entity you can turn to for help.

An employer has a duty to keep their employees work environment safe at all times. Of course it is sometimes impossible for them to be 100% accurate. When they do miss an opportunity to correct a dangerous situation the courts will look to their overall responses to previous employee reported dangers.

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Fall at Work
by: Barry

Hiya Lacey,

When you get injured at work you tell your supervisor so he can file for a workman's compensation claim. It does not matter who is at fault with job injuries, unless it's a 3rd party such as a sub-contractor that caused your injury, then you can sue them. But with your injury it is a workman's compensation claim.

Once they file the claim, they usually go back 6 weeks from the time you were injured to get an average of how much you were earning. Then decide how much you will receive in workman's comp checks. Your medical will be covered. Keep track of all your mileage to and from doctors appointments, pharmacies, physical therapy or any place you go for help because of your injury, also keep all of your receipts.

If you are unable to work or do light duty they have 21 days to accept or deny your claim. All states are different, and workman's comp in Georgia where I'm from is one of the lowest paid. Just having and dealing with a workman's comp injury itself is a nightmare.

I hope you get better soon and good luck.

Take Care,


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