College Accident Insurance for Volleyball Injury?

by Stephanie
(Duluth, MN)

My 21 year old daughter is a senior in college and was playing volleyball in the school's gym when another student threw the ball at her. Her thumb and index finger were broken and need surgery to reset. Her health insurance policy has her paying 20% of all costs and everything above $25,000 total.

Does the school typically have accident or liability insurance to cover her portion of the costs? Her portion could be $8,000 and she doesn't have that kind of money. This incident occurred in the state of Virginia. Thanks.

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ANSWER for "College Accident Insurance for Volleyball Injury?":

Stephanie (Duluth, MN):

Contact the school. Most colleges normally have property liability insurance. That type of insurance is similar to homeowners insurance in that negligence is not necessarily a prerequisite for coverage.

The claims process doesn't necessarily have to be adversarial. Contact the Dean's Office and explain what happened. Tell them you don't have sufficient insurance coverage and you would like them to assist you with the medical bills.

Before contacting them make sure you have as much medical information about your daughter's diagnosis and prognosis. You want to be sure the school's insurance company understands the seriousness of the injury.

Also make sure your daughter's injuries are fully understood by you so you can answer any questions the school or their insurance company have.

Once you contact the school they may tell you to wait to be contacted by their insurance company. Once they tell you that you will have to wait and discuss the entire matter with the insurance company's Claims Adjuster. Unfortunately, because your daughter was playing a sport when she was injured, they may assert she assumed the risk of injury. In that case, winning a claim will be tougher.

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