Concussion from Getting Hit in the Head at Work...

by Cory
(Edgewater, NJ, USA)

I was working in a store when a three foot long metallic object fell off the wall onto the back of my head and neck, knocking me unconscious and causing a severe concussion. About a month later a vase fell off a shelf and smashed into the front of my face, causing another concussion.

I was given CAT scans and told that because nothing was showing up on them I wasn't really having severe headaches or experiencing any pain. I was at a loss for what to do because I was dealing with workmans compensation so I hired a lawyer.

I am now being told that I will only receive very little money back because I was working part time when it happened. I am still in pain and have headaches, dizziness, lack of sleep and poor appetite. I am going to court on Monday. My lawyer informed me of all these things yesterday.

What can I do? How long is the statute of limitations for an injury in the workplace?

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ANSWER for "Concussion from Getting Hit in the Head at Work...":

Cory (Edgewater, NJ, USA):

Unfortunately our policy at is not to comment on a case when the questioner is represented by an attorney. Doing so would be an inappropriate violation of the attorney-client privilege.

We suggest you contact your attorney and ask him or her the same questions you posed here.

We can tell you it appears your attorney is doing exactly what he or she should be doing. Rather than accepting no for an answer your attorney is pressing on with a hearing or lawsuit. Doing so means your attorney is doing everything reasonably possible to protect your best interests.

Best of luck,

Law Guy

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