Cut My Finger While Working at a Bar...

by Phil
(Birmingham, AL)

I was asked to work on New Years Eve on a one-off occasion for a club in Birmingham, AL. Although I'd had previous restaurant experience, I didn't have much bar experience. I was given no training for the bar, no health and safety training and didn't know how the club dealt with injuries.

I was told to cut lemons and while doing it I chopped the end of my thumb off. My thumb did not stop bleeding. The managers simply wrapped band aids tightly around it, but the bleeding still didn't stop. When I got home the finger was bright purple, and when I took the bandage off the blood ran everywhere. I know this isn't the proper way to deal with injuries, and the end of my thumb is still a very ugly sight.

Am I able to file a personal injury claim on this? Should the bar pay for my medical bills and any scarring that might result from this? Thanks for any direction you can give.

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ANSWER for "Cut My Finger While Working at a Bar...":

Phil (Birmingham, AL):

The facts you present say you "chopped the end of my thumb off". You didn't mention whether you were able to retain that part of your thumb or not. You also didn't mention if you had to have emergency surgery to re-attach that part of your thumb which was chopped off.

It is difficult to understand how your injury could be described as so serious and yet you didn't appear to seek medical attention. It may not be too late. To pursue a personal injury claim you will need to have supporting medical documentation. Before you take any further action go to an emergency room or to your own personal physician.

If you suffered some scarring you may want to seek the services of a plastic surgeon as well. The more medical documentation you have the stronger your personal injury case will be. Once you have the medical documentation you will be in a position to begin the pursuit of a legal claim against the management and owners of the service for which you worked.

You can decide to pursue the claim yourself, or seek the advice and counsel of a personal injury attorney. If you think you may need the advice and counsel of a personal injury attorney you will find you won't have to pay any fee for an initial office consultation. That way you'll have a much better understanding of the merits of your case.

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