Drunk Friend May Have Broken My Elbow...

by Anonymous
(New York)

I went to a party and a close friend of mine who was drunk bent my arm and hurt my elbow. Right after it happened it hurt so bad I had to walk away and sit down. It's almost a day later now and it's still so stiff I can barely use my left arm.

I broke my elbow in second grade and still have the scar. I've been having to take over the counter pain medications a lot to deal with the pain from the incident. I'm sure something is messed up because the pain is coming from the bone.

I'm just not sure what to do. I'm nineteen, I have no insurance and no job. What should I do?

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ANSWER for "Drunk Friend May Have Broken My Elbow...":

Anonymous (New York):

First check with your family members to see if you can be covered by their health insurance. If not, and depending on where you live in New York, you can go to your local county hospital. They may treat you first and ask to be paid at a later date.

If you are living at home check with your parent’s homeowners insurance policy. Many times there is a provision to cover injuries suffered by residents, even if those injuries occurred at a different location.

If the party was held at someone’s home, you can ask the homeowner to file a claim with their insurance company.

A final possibility is to report the injury to your car insurance company. Although the probability of their accepting liability is not high, there is always the chance they will accept liability for your injuries.

Your last resort is to suffer through the pain, hoping your recovery period will not be too long.

Be careful with over the counter medications. A good majority of them contain acetaminophen. Too much acetaminophen can cause damage to your liver. If you are taking acetaminophen and are consuming alcohol at the same time the probability of liver damage is greatly increased.

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