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by Juliet
(Renton , WA.)

I have a question about my employment workers comp... I just got hired and was working as a deli clerk, 2 months on the job, 40 hours a week, for $9.20 an hour. I slipped and fell inside the grocery store. The floor was always clean and shiny, there were no signs that it was wet. I walked normally but it was so slippery. I slipped and fell, hurt myself and ended up in the emergency room.

I had a severe headache, back pain, and pain in both my hands and wrists. The emergency doctor wrote that I had contusions of the back, and both arms. Now 3 days later I feel so much worse and I'm in a lot of pain. Taking the pain medications makes me vomit.

Can you say how much my workers comp will be? If my workers compensation is not enough who else can help me financially in the state of Washington? Thanks for any help you can give.

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Latent injuries are those which may exist but may not be readily apparent to others. Contusions can be muscle or cartilage sprains, tears, bruises, fractures to the bone, ruptured blood vessels and their capillaries or a combination of all.

Because there are nerve endings at and around the injured areas pain is usually immediate and often debilitating. At the same time, usually unseen or unnoticed blood from the ruptured blood vessels and their capillaries begin to ooze out, covering the location of the injury. The blood’s purpose is to provide the necessary oxygen and new blood cells to repair and rebuild the damaged tissue. The appearance and pooling of the blood is what is commonly referred to as “black and blue.”

It is not uncommon for pain medication, whether prescribed or over the counter, to cause irritation of the stomach lining. Prescribed pain medications are usually controlled substances containing Hydrocodone or Codeine. Either of these, especially if too strong for your body or if you suffer allergic reactions to either, can cause nausea and vomiting.

In the State of Washington, Workers Compensation normally covers injuries, lost wages, and related medical bills. The percentage of income paid will normally be 66% of your reported income. There will usually be an additional amount for out of pocket expenses. If you are still employed by the same company they may pay you for any out of pocket expenses you incurred and which were not covered by Washington’s Worker’s Compensation.

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Workers Comp Wages
by: tim

Your wages will be 66% of gross monthly income for workers comp, all states are about the same (I'm on it now).

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