Fell Off a Roof with No Insurance...

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While looking for a job I met a man named Jim who asked me if I was a roofer. I told him yes and he asked me if I could start repairing a roof for him. I started the roof March 5th and fell off the roof March 6th.

I came to find out Jim didn't have any insurance but he had another building company get the permit for him to work on the roof. I am being told the other building company didn't have insurance either and that I can't go after the home owners insurance.

I broke my nose and foot, and air leaked into my brain when I hit my head. My hospital bills are currently at $40,000 and will probably rise. I also can't go back to work any time soon. What can I do?

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ANSWER for "Fell Off a Roof with No Insurance...":

Anonymous (USA):

You can file a legal claim against Jim and the other company who worked on behalf of Jim. Both parties are liable for your injuries. Before suing contact them and let them know they are both responsible for your injuries, out of pocket expenses, medical bills, lost wages and an additional amount for your pain and suffering.

Jim would be the primary defendant and the other company would be the secondary position.

Next, whoever said you can't pursue a claim against the homeowners insurance is wrong. You have a claim against the homeowner as you were invited to work on his property. Whether you will be successful in that claim is difficult to know, but you should certainly contact the homeowner and make every attempt to learn the name of his homeowners insurance company. When you do, file an insurance claim.

A claim like this is difficult to pursue on your own. Contact a personal injury attorney and seek a consultation. Most personal injury attorneys don't charge any fee for an in-office (not telephone) consultation.

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