Finger Amputation Caused by Log Splitter...

by T
(Muskegon, MI, USA)

My step son was helping his friend split wood on his friend's mother's property for their house. His friend hit the release button on the log splitter too soon causing my stepson to loose the upper portion of his right hand middle finger.

He has no insurance. It was an accident but who is responsible for his medical bills? Would the homeowners insurance liability coverage take care of it? Thank you.

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T (Muskegon, MI, USA):

There is a good chance your stepson's friend's mother's homeowners insurance may cover the damages. Contact the mother and ask her for the name, address, policy number and telephone number of her homeowners insurance company. Hopefully she will cooperate.

If she does then contact the insurance company. They will assign your claim to one of their investigators called a "Claims Adjuster". The Claims adjuster should contact you within a week or so of your reporting the injury. She will probably have already taken a statement from her insured (the mother) and her son. When you are contacted the adjuster will probably ask your permission to record the telephonic conference. The recorded statement is a normal part of the process.

Be sure to ask the adjuster for the "Claim Number". That number is the reference for your son's case. It's important for you to keep the claim number handy. Anytime you make contact with the insurance company the first thing they will ask you for is the claim Number.

If your son has stopped treating you can attempt to settle the case at this time. Normally requesting 3 to 4 times the amount of your son's medical bills will be a good settlement amount.

If the mother won't release her homeowners information, or the insurance company denies your son's claim you can always consider legal action.

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Log splitter injury
by: walter rodler

My comment is on the design of many log splitters today. They all have an out of date system of splitting. I have (because of a similar injury as a teen) engineered a wedge less dangerous and mostly hands free mobile splitting system.

It uses half the energy input than any manufactured today and many times the portability. Have engineered ones for ATV and UTV's.

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