Future medical care for carpal tunnel and de Quervain injury?

by Pedro
(New Jersey, USA)

I worked in St. Paul Alaska in 2011 as a processor. My job description was processing crabs and I was assigned at the dock to operate the hopper. An erroneous action of another employee led to my hand getting caught in the hopper, leading to wrist bone injury. I underwent carpal tunnel and subsequently a de Quervain surgery.

My neurosurgeon doctor released me after 2 years. My wrist has remained swollen and I experience residual numbness and tingling. My doctor said my condition is chronic. I have a permanent work restriction with a bi-manual 10 pound lifting limit. The impression on my MRI showed a tear involving the radial aspect of the triangular fibrocartilage.

My case is presently under Alaska Workmen's Compensation Act. However, my request for future medical care has been denied. How can they deny my future medical care? Can I justly appeal for future medical care? And on what grounds should my appeal be based on? Thank you.

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ANSWER for "Future medical care for carpal tunnel and de Quervain injury?":

Pedro (New Jersey, USA):

Alaska Workers' Compensation insurance will pay for future medical benefits if the adjuster believes such future payments are warranted. Inasmuch as you were denied future benefits Alaska law permits you to appeal. To file an appeal read Alaska's:

"How to file an appeal to the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Appeals Commission from a final decision by the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board"

You can find the above document here.

You can also learn more about your appellate rights here.

Because of the seriousness of your injury, you might consider consulting with an experienced workers' compensation attorney in Alaska. Most reputable workers' comp attorneys will not charge for an initial office consultation.

Gather copies of your medical records and any documents you have from the workers' compensation insurance company, and make several appointments to speak with some attorneys. After visiting with several you will have a good idea of the probability of success.

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