Glass in my frozen pizza...

by Mike
(Coconut Creek, Florida)

I got injured by chewing on a piece of glass that was in my slice of packaged homemade frozen pizza. I'm pretty sure the packaging company was responsible because the product was properly sealed before I had opened it.

I saved the receipt, pizza box, packaging that the pizza was sealed in, and of course the piece of glass. I had pain in my gums and a crack in my tooth. Will I get an injury award for this mishap?

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ANSWER for "Glass in my frozen pizza...":

This is an odd set of circumstances - more than likely you are not the only one either, if something broke unbeknownst to the production crew and shards of glass we mixed in with edible products. The only area where I see a potential issue is proof.

Because this is such an arbitrary set of circumstances and because the packaging has been opened and consumed, it may be difficult to trace this back to production unless their are more potential plaintiffs.

It is clearly negligence so I would not hesitate to submit a claim with the company that makes the product. I would not be surprised, however if you are met with an offer for coupons or a free pizza, however.

It may take some persistence on your end to establish your claim and support the same with your dental bills (for the broken tooth).

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Judge Calisi

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Bad frozen pizza
by: Mitch

A friend of mine (an attorney) told me her and her boyfriend ate a frozen pizza and became ill and were going to sue the manufacturer for $1,500.00. I said, "Why would they give you that much money for a $2.00 frozen pizza? They'll probably give you a coupon for a free pizza."

A matter of weeks went by and I followed up on their progress. She told me they both got checks totaling $1,100.00. I did not believe the story and asked for proof.

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