Head Injury at a Restaurant...

by Max
(New York)

On April 16, 2011 I was going for lunch at a chain restaurant. I opening the door and walked in. A piece of the ceiling hit me (rectangular shape). I didn't report it because I didn't feel pain until a few hours later (and I didn't have cell phone).

As I was leaving I saw an employee from another chain who I thought worked at the restaurant because of the red colored shirt. He didn't see me get hit but saw the ceiling piece on the floor. So he is my witness at the moment.

After 2 days I went to the hospital because of pain. They gave me Tylenol since I was still having headaches and started to get pains on my right neck. After that I went to my doctor who ordered me to do a CT-Scan. No abnormality was detected but I was still having pains.

Then I visited the neurologist who did a nerve test but again it was normal. I told him I was still having pains, he sent me to have physical therapy and chiropractic treatment for 3 days a week for 6 weeks. I'll continue to go if I don't see any improvement (I'm still attending to this day).

I went for an MRI of the brain and everything came back normal. The chiropractor also took X-rays of my neck which show an abnormality. I'm going for an MRI of the neck (C-Spine) this upcoming week.

I already talked to my lawyer and he told me that my case is "Subject To Investigation." I wanted to know how long will this case last and if I have a chance of winning? Thank you for your time!

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ANSWER for "Head Injury at a Restaurant...":


It would be helpful if the restaurant management made a report of the injury. Certainly if they did your case might look a little stronger than it is at this point.

Your Attorney has informed you the case is under investigation. Depending on your attorney’s work load the investigation could take some time. Only your Attorney will have the answer to that question.

Best of luck with your case,

'Law Guy

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