Hit by a Semi Truck on the Interstate...

by David

I got hit by a semi truck on I-95 six months ago and the driver did not stop. I have 2 witnesses to the collision. One witness chased the truck driver down and called the state trooper. The other witness saw the whole thing from behind us and said he saw the truck merge right into us.

The driver hit us going 85mph and took us completely off the road. The car is totaled. In the past 6 months I have bills adding up to $20,000. I've been going to therapy for 2 herniated discs in my neck, and my shoulder has some damage. My doctor said surgery is not necessary because I am so young, however I do have some permanent damage (it says all this in the final doctors report). I went to a chiropractor and I'm done with all medical treatments.

My lawyer says we are in the part of the case dealing with the settlement, but it has been a month and we haven't herd anything back from the insurance company yet. I'm wondering what my settlement might be since I do have some permanent damage? Does any case you know have a similar story? Any input would be awesome, thanks.

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ANSWER for "Hit by a Semi Truck on the Interstate...":

David (Florida):

Inasmuch as you are represented by an attorney it would be inappropriate for us to interfere with your confidential relationship with him.

Personal injury cases can take substantial amounts of time. Sometimes months, and even years before they are settled or finally resolved in court. You mention it has been a month and your attorney hasn't heard back from the insurance company.

In the "insurance company - personal injury world" a month is a fraction of the time it takes to resolve a case. Not hearing back from the insurance company for a month is completely normal.

Normally settlement amounts are an extrapolation of an injured party's medical bills. There are many other factors which can affect a settlement though. Those other items can substantially lower the settlement offer, or raise it.

Matters such as degree of negligence of the at-fault driver, contributory negligence of the injured party, the amount of insurance the at-fault driver carried at the time of the collision, the amount of the assets owned by the at-fault party, and more all can influence the amount of a settlement offer.

Having patience and trusting in your attorney is something you must do. Becoming frustrated or impatient with your attorney will only cause unnecessary friction between the both of you. The last thing you want is for your attorney to be distracted by your impatience or loss of trust in his abilities. When that happens your attorney has to focus less on securing a substantial settlement for you and more on dealing with your frustration.

Be patient - Ask questions of your attorney, and let him work. He's on your side and won't get paid until you do!

Best of luck,

Law Guy

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