Hit in the Head by an Employee at an Office Supply Store...

by Deneen

I was standing in line at a major chain office supply store and an employee carrying a large chair box was called by someone and swung it around, hitting me in the back of the head.

I went to the doctor and they immediately sent me to the emergency room for an MRI. The neurosurgeon says that I have pulled ligaments in my neck and back, and that I need surgery. The pain is intense but I have pain pills (that I hate to take).

My case is being handled by a legal representative. I am in so much pain but I don't want to stay home because of boredom. Will it hurt my case if I return to work?

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ANSWER for "Hit in the Head by an Employee at an Office Supply Store...":

Deneen (Arkansas):

It is legally inappropriate for us to interfere with the attorney-client relationship. Whether staying home from work will “hurt your case” is something we really can’t address.

We can though, make some general observations about your description of events...

Your description of the injuries and recommended treatment is a bit confusing. Rarely do pulled ligaments require surgery.

Normally the amount of time one stays home as a direct result of an injury is directly related to a doctor’s orders.

If an injured person was told by her doctor to abstain from work and stay home to convalesce for a specific period of time, then doing so shouldn’t adversely affect one’s personal injury claim.

In the alternative, if a doctor releases one and permits that person to return to work and that person chooses not to return to work, doing so can adversely affect the compensation process.

We strongly advise you to follow your doctor's and your attorney’s advice. They are the ones who will ultimately determine the fate of your case.

Best of luck,

Law Guy

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