How do I report a negligent school?

by Alisa
(Conway, SC)

I was a teacher who was assaulted by a student in high school. He knocked me to the ground to get out of the door. I reported the incident to the school administrators and his parents. No action was taken to discipline the student.

Eventually, I witnessed this student almost punch a boy unconscious with one strike to the face. There were many witnesses. I immediately called the administration to intervene and they did nothing for the student who was punched (he did not punch back). The perpetrator was a football player and his parents were "close friends" of the administrators.

I suspect the parents of the football player were paying the administrators in money, drugs, or gifts of some sort to keep them from calling the police on the boy. The whole ordeal made me sick to witness as a teacher. The victim had no power to confront the perpetrator.

If I said something or the victim said something against the bully then it would have been ignored by the school. What could we do or how could we report this crime in order to seek justice? How do we address this behavior and the school's negligence? Thank you.

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ANSWER for "How do I report a negligent school?":

Alisa (Conway, SC):

From the facts you present, it appears the student who assaulted you may have violated South Carolina Criminal Code Section 16-3-600(E)(1) Assault and Battery - 3rd Degree. A conviction for violating this law carries a punishment of up to thirty (30) days in jail, a $500.00 fine, or both.

Immediately after the assault you should have contacted the City of Conway Police Department, either by going to the department in person, or by calling them at 843-248-1790. By so doing, the police would have initiated a primary investigation into the assault and would have taken appropriate action, including, but limited to arresting the student.

Additionally, immediately after the assault you should have contacted Mrs. Velna Allen - Acting School Principal at Conway High School. Doing so would likely have prompted a second investigation into the incident.

Finally, contact the Horry School District Administration and file a complaint against the student. It is important to put the administrators on notice that you have been assaulted by a student. Doing so so will prompt a third investigation into the incident.

The Horry School District’s Administrative offices are located at:
335 Four Mile Road.
Conway SC 29528
Telephone 843-218-1740.

Hopefully, by your bringing this matter to the attention of the police, the school district and the principal, the student will be either reprimanded, arrested, or expelled from school.

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Judge Calisi

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