I shot myself cleaning my gun...

by Anonymous

I was cleaning my weapon at my fiancé's house when it discharged and the bullet struck my left hand. I am a self-employed left-handed tattoo artist and won't be able to work for some time. I also do not have insurance.

I am curious if my fiancé's Homeowners insurance will cover any of the medical and other costs? I also would like to know how that could affect her negatively with her insurance provider? Thanks.

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Anonymous (USA):

Homeowners insurance covers many eventualities. It is altogether possible the insurance will cover your injuries. It is also possible the insurance will cover your lost wages.

Remember, filing a claim against your fiance's homeowners policy is not the same as "suing" her. Many people think if they file a claim against a homeowner they will find themselves in court having to testify against homeowners who are often friends and family. Most homeowner claims usually involve friends and family members who are normally invited to be on the homeowner's property.

You will only be filing a claim against her homeowner's policy. Once you do, her insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to your claim. She will call you and request a telephone recorded statement. That perfectly normal and you should cooperate fully.

If in the unfortunate event the insurance company denies your claim, you can consider going to the next step. That is the filing of a lawsuit against your fiance.

Filing a claim against your fiance's insurance company may affect her premiums. If this is the first time a claim has been filed her premiums may not be affected at all. It depends on her insurance company. Usually first time claims are accepted with a "Black Mark" against the homeowner.

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by: Anonymous

I personally would deny the claim. Why would anyone in their right mind clean their gun while it was loaded?

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