I was denied prescription medication while in county jail...

by John
(Macon, GA)

I was arrested for burglary, having Rx meds not in container, and misdemeanor criminal trespass. This all happened while in a PTSD flashback (I am a former soldier). The residence I entered was my childhood home 35 years ago.

While in county jail (federally funded) I was denied all of the medication that was properly prescribed by my psychiatrist. I was also left unattended while other prisoners informed jailers that I needed medical attention (for how long, I don't know). I was put in the "med" cell for 31 days. The jailers placed 3 different inmates for a few hours each in the cell, and one struck me in the face.

I begged for some medical relief and medication, but it's against GA law to allow any kind of narcotic to be given to an inmate, or so I was told. I even told them that my psychiatrist's office was a short distance, but that was useless.

I was eventually released into the "block" with other prisoners. After numerous "kites" and visits to the nurse, I was told that the Captain had made arrangements for me to get my medication, but it never came.

The district attorney saw that the charges were no more than criminal trespass, as after I left the residence that I entered in the mid morning, I returned because I left my phone and sat inside the residence. I was given a proper sentence of a year on probation, and mental health observation.

The total event has made my PTSD harder to deal with. It will be 2 years July 11th. I really just want to help bring this out to the public so other former soldiers will get the medication needed if jailed. Thanks for forum I think typing this out has been beneficial for me.

Is there anything I can do to get reforms of the jail's medication policy, to see other inmates get the medications they need? Can I file a complaint or have this looked into? Thank you for any information you can give.

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ANSWER for "I was denied prescription medication while in county jail...":

John (Macon, GA):

You have several options...

You can contact the Sheriff's Department and file a complaint by going to:
The Macon County Sheriff's Department

You can also contact Charles M. Cannon, who is the elected County Sheriff at:

17 Crescent Street
P.O. Box 345
Oglethorpe, GA 31068
Phone: 478-472-6447
Fax: 478-472-4544
Email: mcso1@windstream.net

You can also contact the Macon County Board of Commissioners and let them know the circumstances of your incarceration and denial of required medication.

You can contact the Board of Commissioners here.

Finally, you can contact Regina McDuffie, who is the County Manager for Macon County. Email: rmcduffie@maconcountyga.gov

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