Infected by Lyme Disease on a School Field Trip...

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I am employed as a learning support aid in a PA elementary school. I was asked to attend a field trip because the assigned person was absent. I went to a homestead recreation and assisted with a second grade class. I found a very small tick on my left shoulder and immediately removed it. A few weeks later a "bulls eye" rash began to show. I went to my family doctor and was put on drugs to fight the infection.

It didn't work & I became even more symptomatic of lyme disease. My doctor then referred me to an Infectious Disease doctor at a medical center. He agreed that the infection most likely began from my school outing. I have now gone on I.V. antibiotics.

I have a note from the Infectious Disease doctor saying that I couldn't return to work. I couldn't mentally handle the Workmans Compensation paper work during the beginning days of these I.V. meds, which I have been on for 4 weeks. Now I have to complete it. How would I begin the correct wording for this workmans comp paperwork? How should I do it? Thanks.

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ANSWER for "Infected by Lyme Disease on a School Field Trip...":

You definitely have a workers compensation claim since this happened in the scope of your employment. You should have been assigned an adjuster who will work on referring you to a provider and assessing your claim.

In situations like this, it is always best to be honest. Explain what happened the way you wrote your inquiry and you should have no problem with the claim. From there, you will also be referred to workers compensation approved doctors. Due to the unique nature of your injury, you will probably remain with the infectious disease providers.

Be advised that you will not settle this claim until your have concluded treatment and they are able to assess your disability rating - meaning that they will determine just how disabled you are. They will then make you an offer that can include continued medical care for your condition if you are found to be permanently disabled.

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