Injured from Falling in a Storage Shed...

by Vernon
(Fort Myers, Florida)

My wife slipped in the storage shed we are renting. When she slipped she grabbed the side of the shed and it was so sharp it cut her finger almost to the bone.

Do we have a personal injury case for at least her medical bills? I don't know if the issue would be that she slipped or that the side of the shed was too sharp, or both. Thanks.

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ANSWER for "Injured from Falling in a Storage Shed...":

Vernon (Fort Meyers, Florida):

Both issues would be part of the liability question. If your wife’s fall was as a result of something you or she created, whether a spilled liquid or some other slippery substance, the liability of the owners and management of the storage shed may be limited.

In the alternative, the owners and management of the storage shed have a duty to make that storage shed safe for use by the public. Whether the sharp piece of metal was a part of the original construction of the shed, or if it occurred sometime later, even if caused by another tenant, it is still the responsibility of the owners and management to have repaired, replaced, or reengineered that part of the wall so as to eliminate the potential for serious injury to the tenants or the storage shed’s employees.

Report the incident to the storage shed’s management and owners. Ask them for the name of their insurance company. If they won't release the information then ask them to have their insurance company's representative contact you.

Hopefully you won’t have to threaten them with a lawsuit, but that possibility always exists.

If you want to pursue the claim in an effort to receive compensation for your wife’s injuries, you will have to be prepared to go forward with legal action (if the matter can't be amicably settled).

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