Knee Sprain at Work...

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I recently began working for a large retail chain, 3 weeks ago. They had a huge sale and I rang up over $1,600 dollars of merchandise, mostly $3 - $10 each. Each person brought in 5 times as much merchandise as they bought. This all had to be put away by me. The last three hours I was there, all I did was put clothes away. It is also a huge area with a lot of marble flooring.

My knee began hurting during this process and by the time I got home my husband had to get me a walker so I could get in the house. I don't remember having an accident, but I was fine when I came to work and couldn't walk when I got home.

Is this covered by Workmans Compensation Insurance? I hesitate to mention Workmans Comp to my employer, as I know it will change our relationship. I have no insurance and could use help with doctor's bills. What should I do?

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Anonymous (Florida):

The first thing you need to do is get to a doctor, preferably an orthopedic surgeon. Before approaching your employer you need to know exactly what happened to your knee. Then, if your injury can be related to your work it will be a lot easier to speak with your employer about the injury and what medical access they should provide.

You want to be sure the injury isn’t related to arthritis, or other bone degenerative disease. From the facts you present we aren't able to determine your age. Certainly if you are younger there is less of a possibility of bone disease, or arthritic condition.

When you see the doctor she will probably order an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or CAT Scan (Computer Axial Tomography). Those procedures can determine bone fractures and organ damage. Those examinations are the best ways to determine your injury. They can even determine the age and reason for the injury.

You don't have medical insurance so you are in a tough position. Hopefully you can afford at least one visit to the doctor. She may be able to determine what type of injury you have without an MRI or CAT Scan.

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