Non Functioning Traffic Light Causes Automobile Collision...

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I was going to work and got off the expressway at my exit. I was following the flow of traffic which was moving. That's when a taxi driver came out of nowhere at around 40 to 50 miles per hour and we had a collision.

After the collision we noticed the traffic light on both sides was not operational. Before impact I noticed a truck on my right side blocking my view, the truck driver was making a right turn at that intersection.

I feel this accident could have been prevented if the traffic light was functional. I'm wondering if I can sue the city of New York for the non-functioning traffic light which caused our automobile collision? Thank you.

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Anonymous (USA):

Yes. You have a right to pursue the City of New York for the damages to your vehicle as well as for any injuries you may have sustained. You DON'T have to file a lawsuit. The City of New York, like most cities, has a process by which claims for injured persons or those with property damage are compensated for their injuries.

Filing a Tort Claim is the place to begin. Contact the City Management Office. Tell them you want to file a Tort Claim. They will send you the paperwork you will need to begin the claim reimbursement process. You will have to be patient, as the administration of the Tort Claim's Process can take an inordinate amount of time.

You really don't need an attorney unless you suffered personal injuries, but if you were injured we would recommend meeting with one. Inasmuch as you didn't mention any injuries, filing the Tort Claim will be the best way to successfully resolve your accident.

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Judge Calisi

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