Pain from Epidural Steroid Injection...

by Sher
(Murrieta, CA)

I've been injured since January 2010 and workman's comp namely took their time to approve my Epidural Steroid Injection (18 months after my injury). Now that I received the injection I'm in even more excruciating pain then before.

My doctor can't see me until tomorrow morning and I'm not sure I can handle another night of tear jerking pain. Can I just go to the ER? Will workman's comp cover this?

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ANSWER for "Pain from Epidural Steroid Injection...":

Sher (Murrieta, CA):

Of course you should go to the emergency room. Don’t be concerned at this time with whether workmans compensation insurance will cover your new medical bills. You can’t stay in pain. Your workmans compensation insurance will surely cover your visit to the emergency room. There is a direct connection between your initial injury and the excruciating pain you are now suffering.

No one can tell you how much pain will be covered under workmans compensation. Once you have been treated explain to the workmans compensation insurance representative exactly what you just told us. Your claim should not be settled until such time as your injury has been properly diagnosed and treated.

Remember, workmans compensation laws do not allow any additional amounts for pain and suffering. With workmans compensation claims, you must be sure to settle your clam for the appropriate amount. There will not be any future payments.

If you have questions about the issues related to your injuries and the rights you have under the Workmans Compensation laws, contact a Personal Injury/Workmans Compensation Attorney. Most will not charge any fee for an initial office consultation.

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