Parking Lot Injury, Seems Like a Scam...

by Tisha
(Raleigh, NC)

I was the only one parked at the front of a gas station and a lady was parked at the pump. I started to reverse and found her on the floor behind my truck saying her wrist is broke. I asked if she needed an ambulance and she declined help.

I gave her my phone number to call me and let me know how she's feeling. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. No cops were called and she drove away. Like I said, I was the only car in the lot and feel like she had plenty of room to walk, do cartwheels, build a tent, etc.

So why walk into a car that is reversing? The next day she had wrist surgery and the gas station tapes are not working of course! Is this some kind of scam? Can I do anything?

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ANSWER for "Parking Lot Injury, Seems Like a Scam...":


Absent more detail it is difficult to categorize what happened to you as a scam. Relying on your instincts and “gut,” together with a healthy dose of skepticism is the first indication something is amiss.

So far your only contact with the soon to be Oscar Nominated Actress in a Leading Role, has been a “Twilight Zone” like out of body experience where she suddenly appeared lying on the concrete beneath your car. You gave her your personal information. It would be good if she had the same information to you.

How she managed to get out of her vehicle and onto the hard pavement behind your pickup seems to be a mystery in itself. Her unilateral declaration of a broken wrist quickly lost any form of credibility the moment she opened her car door and began to drive away.

You did the right thing though. You offered her your name and telephone number. It may afford you some comfort to know it is unlikely your experience rose to the level of scam.

If it were a scam the other driver would probably have had with her several witnesses who, for a price, would testify they had dinner the previous night with Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix. Additionally a scammer would have gladly accepted medical assistance, including, but not limited to, an ambulance ride and stint in the emergency room

For now Tisha, it seems you are in the clear.

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Judge Calisi

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