Passenger injured in a bus accident...

by Gawanna
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

I was a passenger on a bus that was in a collision with another bus. I was injured. The doctor diagnosed me with a cervical sprain and strain to the neck, and I have upper back problems. My medical bill is now $5,000, and my total lost wages are $900. I was also ordered to go to physical therapy.

I'm wondering how much of a settlement I should get? Also, how do I pursue this case against the bus company? Or is it against the other bus company that we had the accident with? I'm confused. Any information you can give would be appreciated.

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Gawanna (Pittsburgh, PA, USA):

You likely have an injury claim against both bus companies (if they are different). Be sure to get a copy of the police report. The police report will likely state which bus driver was at fault. This presumes the collision occurred as a result of negligence, and no other reason.

Your injuries are considered "soft tissue" injuries. These injuries normally include strains and sprains to the neck, shoulders, and to other ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Soft tissue injuries also include minor cuts and abrasions, minor bruising, and similar non serious injuries.

"Hard injuries" are more serious than soft tissue injuries. Hard injuries often include fractures, deep cuts and abrasions often requiring stitches, 3rd degree burns, head trauma, scarring, and like injuries.

Settlement amounts in soft tissue injuries are often determined by multiplying medical and/or chiropractic bills by about one and half to two, and normally not higher than three times.

In your case, it would not be unreasonable for you to demand $16,000. It's unlikely you will receive that amount, but it is a fair starting point. Keep in mind, if your treatment continues and you incur further expenses, your demand amount must go up. If possible, wait until you're totally finished with treatment before settling your claim.

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