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My loved one was mistakenly given 600 mg of seroquel instead of an over-the-counter medication. The employee mixed up his medication with someone else. As a result, the seroquel caused a marked reaction causing him to pass out. When this happened, the staff harassed him and assumed he had consumed illegal drugs secretly.

When he could not wake up, he was brought to the hospital. It was later determined the facility dosed him with a large amount of the anti-psychotic drug (seroquel) instead of a basic OTC item. He went through the trauma of being harassed by staff, a strong physical reaction, and hospitalization.

I believe the employee that made this mistake was fired. I believe the facility should have to pay for their mistake and his pain and suffering. He could have been killed by this! Is there a legal case here? Can I do anything to penalize the facility for this, or file a complaint with any official agency? Thank you.

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Fortunately your loved one wasn't seriously injured. For most patients taking Seroquel, a normal single dosage is between 300 and 600 mg. Your loved one was administered 600 mg. While that dosage will likely make any person quite drowsy, absent other medical problems a patient will normally recover and be back to normal within 6 to 8 hours.

While the incident was unfortunate, the facts don't support a claim for compensation for personal injury and related pain and suffering. Moreover, since it appears the facility will be responsible for the hospital bill, your loved one hasn't been financially affected.

Certainly file a complaint with the owner of the rehabilitation facility. Doing so may help to insure the facility won't make such a serious mistake in the future. Additionally, to file a complaint against a Texas rehabilitation facility, go to to the Texas Department of Health Services site here.

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