Pedestrian ran into the side of my car?

by Ann

A pedestrian ran across three lanes of traffic on an interstate that goes through my town, and then ran into the side of my car. She then proceeded to RUN AWAY FROM THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT!

I had just stopped my car, put on my hazards and tried to call after her, but she kept running. I was found to not be at fault by the officer on scene, and they finally found her at a court house a few blocks away, she was uninjured according to the officer.

I know pedestrians technically always have the right of way, but could my insurance company find me at fault, even though she hit me? How would a case like this work? Thanks.

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ANSWER for "Pedestrian ran into the side of my car?":

Ann (California):

In the State of California, pedestrians DO NOT always have the right of way. Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks, but not when they run into oncoming traffic.

From the facts you present, you are faultless. Moreover, technically the pedestrian is liable for any property damage she caused to your car. The pedestrian acted recklessly, negligently, and without regard for her own safety or that of the drivers traveling along the interstate.

Be sure to secure a copy of the police report. You can pick up one at your local police, sheriff',s or state trooper's department. The reports are usually available for a nominal fee, often under $10.00.

It is very likely the police report will exonerate you from any negligence in the incident. If you haven't already done so, immediately report the accident to your insurance company. You are almost certainly required to do so. Email, snail mail, or otherwise deliver to your insurance company a copy of the police report.

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