Liability for child injured in inflatable “hamster ball”?

My daughter was in a giant inflatable “hamster” ball. The guy supervising did not stop other kids from pushing the ball around so fast that my daughter was tossed around inside it yelling “Stop! Stop!” She landed on her neck/chest and now has severe neck, chest, shoulder and back pain. I’ve been giving her ibuprofen... Read More.

Pharmacy Put Wrong Dosage on Baby’s Prescription…

I picked up medication from the pharmacy for my 12 month old child. The pharmacy put the dosing instructions on the label as 4x a day for 5 days. I ran out of meds the next day so I called the pharmacy back and explained that my child was out of meds. She put me... Read More.

Falsely Imprisoned Due to Prescription Mistake…

I went to my local ER for very bad ongoing headache. Upon being discharged I was given discharge papers and my script. Contained in my discharge papers was the medication I was to start taking which was tylenol with codiene. After leaving the hospital I headed to my local pharmacy. I gave them my script... Read More.

Mistreatment of broken arm at the hospital…

My 85 year old mother-in-law fell and fractured two bones in her forearm. We took her to the emergency and they x-rayed the arm and found two fractures. I don’t know if an orthopedic person was reached but several emergency room employees set the fracture. They were told my mother-in-law takes no pain medication so... Read More.

Help! Local pharmacy gave me the wrong medication…

I am in the process of negotiating a settlement with the claims adjusters for a huge pharmacy chain in which I was given the wrong prescription. I thought I was taking allegra but I was taking lisinopril, a high blood pressure medication. I took 3 pills of the medication within a 24 hr span because... Read More.

Pharmacy staff took my personal information to find me on Facebook…

I was at a pharmacy drive-up window that I have been going to for years, and picked up my prescription without issue. Several hours later, the person that rang up my transaction and gave me my medication at pickup contacted me on Facebook, without my permission, without me actually knowing him. He said at one... Read More.

Can a Judge legally demand medical info from an attorney?

An attorney submits proper documentation for emergency medical leave and has to postpone a trial. Can a judge then legally demand that the attorney consent to release her medical information to the court? If so, under what rules? Thank you for any information you can provide. Read More.

Disclosing info to spouse?

I am a patient at the same hospital where my husband works. I asked my husband to drop off a stool sample for me. He dropped the sample off and later that day a tech asked him if I was still vomiting or having diarrhea. My husband was confused and the tech asked if I... Read More.

Insurance carrier falsified Release of Medical Information…

The employer’s worker’s comp insurance carrier submitted a falsified Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information to the medical center (personal primary care) and obtained my protected health information, which was non-industrial and not related to any current injury, and sent those records directly to a QME doctor. The claims administrator literally took white tape... Read More.

Violation of confidentiality by a retired physician who is a sibling?

My brother in law is a retired OB/GYN. He prescribed my husband (his younger brother) thyroid medication for hypothyroidism for a brief period of time. This was after he retired. My brother in law, the doctor, tried to diagnose his brother (my husband) with having Bipolar Disorder. My brother in law does not specialize in... Read More.

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