Can I receive a cash settlement for breaking my hip at work?

I am a 62 year old female who works as a cook for McDonald’s in Ohio. In February I was putting food away in the walk-in freezer when I slipped on an icy patch on the floor and fell, breaking my right hip. I had a gamma nail surgery done the following day. My surgeon said... Read More.

Fell down stairs because railing was not up to code…

This was not a car accident. I had been out to dinner with a friend earlier, and our neighbor next door was having a few beers so I joined him in the open lot between our houses. He lives in a second floor apartment with an outside entrance reached by a wooden staircase. At one... Read More.

Is my husband at fault for a minor fender bender?

My husband got into a very minor fender bender this morning. He was driving through downtown busy traffic just a minute after the rain had stopped and the cars in front of him had to keep slamming on their breaks due to very heavy congestion. He ended up barely scraping the car in front of... Read More.

Rules on getting hit on back passenger side?

Arkansas is where my accident occurred. I was turning left in a 2 lane highway. Up ahead there was a sign telling traffic to merge left due to construction going on. A man stopped and waved me through due to the traffic being so backed up, but when I went to turn there was a truck... Read More.

Filing a late insurance claim against the person at fault?

I was in a car accident where the lady backed out of her driveway and hit my car as I drove past her. She claims that I was speeding in the neighborhood street, but I was clearly not. After talking to my insurance they believed that this was not my fault and told me that... Read More.

Fell down stairs at work…

I fell down the stairs at work from top to bottom backwards. I was holding onto the banister with my left hand when I fell off the first step. I tried grabbing the banister with my right hand, which then in turn twisted my body and I feel backwards and hit my head at the... Read More.

Stepped on rusty nail outside of store entrance…

Upon walking into a Lowes Home Improvement store I stepped onto a 2-3 inch rusty nail. I am presently in the waiting room at the ER. My foot is burning and blood is all over my foot and car. After informing the manager, he said it was a common area and they aren’t responsible. I thought... Read More.

Postal worker not getting help with injury?

I am a postal worker injured on the job due to an obstacle installed in a walk way. I was the first of two employees injured before they attempted to correct the safety hazard. I reported the hazard and injury as soon as the Postmaster arrived, and finished out the work day. I went home... Read More.

Premeditated assault at school…

I am 18 and a Senior in High School in Franklin, NC. On April 20, 2017 at approximately 9:30am I was in my welding class. A student came into my class (who wasn’t supposed to be in there) and asked me if could come outside and speak with another student. I finished up what I... Read More.

Our dog attacked another dog…what happens now?

We have a backyard and it’s fenced all around. The dog we have is from a pound – it’s a pitbull and she is not animal friendly. We share the backyard with another family they have two dogs as well. I had my dog in the backyard and the other owner walked out with the... Read More.

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