Is this a fair settlement amount for treatment in a car accident?

In June of this year, my daughter was involved in a car accident in North Carolina. Her car was totaled as a result of the defendant’s negligence. She went to the ER and missed two days of work. Her shoulder was injured during the accident, however she did not seek any further treatment afterwards. Her... Read More >>

Is it still worker’s comp when two doctors disagree?

My finger got caught in a shopping cart and then smashed on a conveyor belt while I was working in the state of Hawaii. I went to the E.R where they did an x-ray and my diagnosis was a closed, non-displaced fracture of the middle phalanx of my right middle finger, initial encounter. They put... Read More >>

How do I find a hit and run vehicle’s insurance provider?

I was involved in a traffic accident where the driver fled the scene. We were able to locate the vehicle that night because a Good Samaritan followed the vehicle and saw where it was parked. I was able to get enough of the license plate to confirm it. So the police report has the vehicle... Read More >>

Can we sue for a misdiagnosed high school sports injury?

My daughter was playing in a soccer tournament and collided with a player on the opposing team. She said she heard and felt something snap, so I took her to the hospital. The doctor said she broke her left clavicle and that she might need surgery. He was concerned because the break was near her... Read More >>

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