In final negotiations with the adjuster…

I was driving down the interstate in Iowa when a large tire flew off an oncoming truck and made impact with our car, almost killing my husband and I. I felt jolted of pain through my arm and up into my neck. We don’t have much in medical bills but worried about future medical problems... Read More >>

Can I sue my former employer?

During the time of the incident I was employed by Coastal Logistics Group out of Garden City, GA as a crate shop employee. We fabricated crates that were used to ship equipment through and in and out of the country. While working in the crate shop, we would receive the measurements for the ordered crate... Read More >>

No citation and refused medical attention…

I was coming off an exit ramp, turned right on a street, and looked right then left waiting for 2 cars to pass. It was okay to turn right at a red light, so I proceeded and then saw someone leaning on the  hood. I stopped immediately and got out to make sure they were okay. They said they were fine and even... Read More >>

I am working in pain after work-related injury…

I hurt my left shoulder at my job last year and I haven’t been right since. I had surgery for my injury in October and did physical therapy for 2 days a week for 2 months, then switched to one day until March 28th. I was on workers comp as well during that time. I returned... Read More >>

What’s a fair settlement for my injuries and job loss?

On 9/27/14 I was riding my Vespa home from dinner and stopped at a red light in the District of Columbia. A man driving his girlfriend’s car made a left hand turn into oncoming traffic and hit me head on. My bike was totaled under his car and I flew head first into the intersection... Read More >>

Injured by ottoman purchased at Goodwill…

I bought a chase lounge chair with ottoman (lawn furniture) at a local Goodwill store, which was made of fiberglass coated/metal wicker. Several months ago, I placed my foot on the ottoman and due to the deteriorated fiberglass coating, I got several large fiberglass splinters on the bottom of both of my feet that went... Read More >>

Drunk driver hit me in a roundabout…

I was involved in an incident in a roundabout. I looked, yielded, and entered the roundabout. There was a collision with another driver who was going very fast based on impact and damage. Police took the other driver away cuffed for blowing a .11 BAC at the scene. When I asked about the report, the... Read More >>

Hair dye and cancer connection?

My sister, who is 61 years old, has been getting her hair dyed black for the past 14 years. This past week she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer – stage 2 (may be further than this stage). She lives in a home that is part of the AHRC (Association for Habilitation and Residential Care) —... Read More >>

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