Robbed at Gunpoint at a Hotel...

by Melanie
(Mount Airy, NC)

My husband was robbed at gunpoint at a Ramada Inn in Florence, SC. As he was walking to a drink machine to get a water two men came up and put a gun to his back. He emptied his pockets and gave them everything he had. Then they went to his room and led him to the bathroom and tied him up after covering his head with a towel. They took everything of value out of his car and his room. This included a computer, GPS, camera and cell phone, plus the $258 that was in his wallet.

He stayed in the bathroom for maybe 20 minutes or however long it took him to get untied. They used his own belt to tie his hands. He called 911 as soon as he was untied. The police came and took his statement and also fingerprinted his van and room. The hotel staff was completely rude to him and treated him like he was lying about the incident. They cut off his long distance because he didn't have a credit card after he was robbed.

He is a mess and we are having to seek out a doctor for counseling or treatment. He is still in complete shock. The robbers also stole the keys to his van so he had to replace his keys, which trapped him at this hotel for a half a day after the incident.

What can we do legally and what are our rights for him being completely violated at this hotel? Can we get any compensation from the hotel for this happening? Thank you.

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ANSWER for "Robbed at Gunpoint at a Hotel...":

Melanie (Mount Airy, NC):

It would certainly appear your husband has a strong claim against the hotel and the corporation which owns it. The hotel and its ownership has a duty to protect its guests. That protection includes making sure the hotel and its grounds are safe for its guests. It can be argued the hotel breached that duty.

Get a copy of the police report. The police report is a public record and should be available for a nominal fee – normally $2 or 3 dollars. Ask the hotel for a copy of its incident report. They probably won’t give it to you but you have nothing to lose by asking.

Contact the hotel’s corporate headquarters. Report the incident. Do it in writing.

There are some cases which don’t necessarily need the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney. Your case isn’t one of those.

Contact a qualified personal injury attorney. Most will not charge any fee for an initial office consultation. A personal injury attorney will be able to review the facts and the law regarding your case. You will then have a clear understanding of the legal process and what you can expect as a result.

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