Settlement for Getting Punched in the Nose?

by Alina
(Los Angeles, CA)

I am a female and got punched in the face by a male. He broke my nose and was arrested. The court found him guilty. He has a felony with one strike already on his file. A few days ago the perpetrator's homeowners insurance called me and wants to settle the case by paying. I have two questions:

1. Why is his homeowners insurance involved in this case, the incident was not in his home and I do not even know the guy personally?

2. How much is normally asked for, for such an incident?


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ANSWER for "Settlement for Getting Punched in the Nose?":

Alina (Los Angeles, CA):

Be happy someone is looking to reimburse you for your injuries and resultant medical and related costs. Although the defendant has been found guilty there isn't any law requiring any type of insurance to pay you.

You would be best served by accepting the homeowner's offer. Before accepting an amount you should consider the following in your computation of the amount to settle for...

Add all of your medical bills. Add to that amount your out of pocket expense such as prescription and non prescription medications. Then take the amount of your lost wages. With those numbers, add an amount of money you believe fair for the pain and suffering your endured.

Take a hard look at those numbers. Because out of pocket expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering can be relatively subjective and intangible amounts, the way personal injury settlement amounts are reached is by taking your medical bills and multiplying them by 3x, 4x, 5x or more. That amount will represent the settlement amount you should ask for. From there, negotiate an amount you feel is fair.

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Never ever settle...
by: Anonymous

He broke your nose, which was significant force. He could have killed you. You might even have a brain injury as a result of this force.

There are long term medical problems with this type of force, such as personality changes, depression, anxiety, or PTSD. The ramifications of his actions are not QUICK FIX.

I would say NO WAY!

Do not accept money and just sue in civil court and continue to get therapy with a counselor. Domestic violence is ALWAYS minimized by the abuser by thinking they can pay someone to take away the pain.

THINK TWICE, once for yourself in the present and once for yourself in the future. My heart reaches out to you as he struck your spirit. I hope you are okay and getting better.

Just know that if you start to feel depression and anxiety, these are long term symptoms. ARE YOU WORTH MORE THAN ONE MILLION DOLLARS? YOU ARE PRICELESS and this abuser needs to live with what he did for the rest of his life.

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