Soccer injury on an indoor field - no paperwork signed...

by Dawn
(Highland, MI)

My son was injured 15 minutes into the 1st game playing on a travel soccer team. No paperwork was ever signed. His medical bills amounted to over $4k, and the gym verbally offered to give us $500 if we sign something. They say that they have no insurance to coordinate with our insurance that has a $5k deductible.

It sounds like they feel liable to offer up money, so should we just get a lawyer to have all of our medical bills reimbursed? Are they liable, since there was no paperwork signed? Any options you can discuss would be appreciated.

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ANSWER for "Soccer injury on an indoor field - no paperwork signed...":

Dawn (Highland, MI):

When you ask "Are they liable, since there was no paperwork signed?" we assume you are referring to not having signed a release or waiver of liability.

The basis upon which liability might be attached to the soccer team is negligence and assumption of the risk. The relevant issue in your case is whether or not your having not signed such a Waiver entitles you to compensation for your son's injuries and resulting costs.

The answer is probably not. From the facts you present, there is no evidence of negligence.

Your son was apparently injured while playing soccer. Whether you signed a waiver or not, in this case not doing so would not be entirely relevant. You and your son assumed the risk he might be injured while playing soccer.

Injuries happen all the time when playing sports. If every time a minor or an adult was injured playing soccer, the team would be held liable, you can be sure that sporting activity would quickly cease. Moreover, you can be confident a court would quickly dismiss a case under these circumstances.

Absent negligence, there is no liability.

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Judge Calisi

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