Struck by Pallets at Work...

by Matthew
(Rialto, CA, US)

In March 2010 I was struck on the head and back by a total of 3 pallets when a forklift driver was splitting the stack of pallets. The pallets that struck me were from a pile about 30+ pallets high. This all happened as I was delivering my grocery load in my designated receiving area of a supermarket.

I ended up in the ER and then at a workmans comp clinic for my injuries. I went through all the visits and physical therapy, and then I was released back to work. I continued back to work and have been experiencing memory problems, a weak back, and tingling/numbness in my hands.

Now I'm curious if I am entitled to more treatment and/or compensation? I did not seek an attorney to avoid losing my job, but since I am not employed with the company anymore, is there anything I can pursue? Thank you.

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ANSWER for "Struck by Pallets at Work...":

Mathew (Rialto, CA, US):

Regrettably, once you signed the final workman’s compensation settlement release papers you lost your legal rights to pursue your employer for additional compensation.

All you can do at this point is hope by some chance your workmans compensation claim was not closed, and that for some reason it was not finalized. If it wasn’t you may still be able to be compensated for additional medical bills you may incur to treat the injuries you sustained back in March of 2010.

Contact the workmans compensation representative you dealt with back in March 2010. Look at all of the documents you still have which were related to your workmans compensation claim. Review each document with the insurance representative. See if there is any money which may remain for your additional medical bills.

You may be surprised. There is a remote possibility the claim may still be open and the insurance adjuster will agree to pay some more of your medical and related bills.

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Best of luck,

Judge Calisi

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