Vision Loss Due to Inflammation...

by Lisa
(Rochester, NY)

I've been losing the vision in my left eye and was treated for inflammation in the eye. My left eye is now 20/400. My other eye has a little damage during that time (about a year now). I've been asking the doctor if my head or brain had anything to do with this. I repeatedly asked for a head scan but they said no.

My vision is going and has been getting worse and more damaged during this time. Now 2 weeks a go I went to the eye doctor with a little headache. I was nervous so I asked the eye doctor if he would please do a CAT scan of my brain. Sure enough he found the cerebellum lower than it should be.

We haven't gotten the results of the tests back yet but it's most likely chiari malformation perhaps. If they would have just listened to me and done some tests earlier I wouldn't be almost blind now. This has altered my life greatly. There is permanent damage in my left eye. Can I file a malpractice suit for this?

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ANSWER for "Vision Loss Due to Inflammation...":

Lisa (Rochester, NY):

You certainly seem to have sufficient facts to make your malpractice claim credible. Contact one or more medical malpractice attorneys in your area. You can begin with a search online. Most malpractice attorneys do not charge for initial office consultations. Call and make several appointments.

Before visiting with any attorneys be sure to gather copies of all your medical and ophthalmologic charts. The attorneys will need to review them. Make copies of all the receipts for medications, medical building parking lot fees, and all other expenses related to you having to travel back and forth from doctors' appointments, pharmacies, etc.

If you've had to miss work during the time you were visiting doctors, or during the period of your recovery be sure to get a letter from your employer verifying the dates and times you were absent from work

If you need medical intervention do not wait. You'll have plenty of time to visit with attorneys. Your health is most important at this time.

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