Workmans Compensation Back Injury...

by Karen
(Buckhannon, WV)

I had a workmans compensation back injury on November 10, 2010. I went to the emergency room and a physical exam was preformed. I was told it was a common back strain, given pain pills, told to take 2 days off and go back to work.

I went back a week later because I was getting worse and was referred to a local doctor. Workers compensation paid for the medical bills. I continued to work my 30 hour work week as the pain pills helped to relieve some of the pain and I honestly thought my activities would help work the pain I was feeling out of my back.

I am a lumber cashier in a big box store. I was also afraid of being fired or getting my hours reduced which I could ill afford. I am 61. The pain got progressively worse. When I got home I would collapse.

I had an MRI and it shows a slippage and bulging disk on my right side. I participated in physical therapy which has not helped. I have left work 3 times due to pain, fearing for my job but I just could not do it anymore that day.

My doctor wanted to send me to a spine specialist. In the meantime workers comp sent me to their doctor for an evaluation. He did a physical exam. I told him all that had happened. I was honest. The workers comp company sent me his evaluation saying he said I was 5% disabled.

He left out much of what I told him. Then I got a check which I haven't cashed. They want me to send a letter if I am denying it. I do not know how to write the letter. I need medical attention and would like to follow through with the specialist my doctor has recommended.

It is getting worse and I am very afraid. I am looking for a lawyer as suggested by my doctor. He has written a letter to the workers compensation company. In the meantime I have to write the letter but just do not know what to say. Can you make any suggestions? Thanks.

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ANSWER for "Workmans Compensation Back Injury...":


The following letter may help:


March 21, 2011
CERTIFIED RRR#__________
Workers Compensation Board
State of West Virginia

Re: Karen__________________

Workers Compensation Claim Number:
Date of Injury: November 10th, 2010
Date of Birth:
Social Security No.:

Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Karen ______________. I currently reside at _____________.

On November 10th, 2010 while working at__________________ I seriously injured my back. Since that time the intermittent pain has been debilitating. The Workers Compensation Board’s referring physician estimated my disability from the work injury at 5%. In his Medical Narrative he omitted much of the information surrounding the injury.

Since that time I have continued to se Dr.___________. He is my physician and wants to refer me to a spine specialist. I remain in serious pain and as a result, am quite limited in my ability to work.

I would respectfully request you re-evaluate my claim to determine a much higher percentage of disability.

Yours truly,

Karen ________________


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