The Complete Guide to Personal Injury Claims and Accident Settlements

accident settlements frustrationIt would be nice if getting a fair accident settlement was easy. Unfortunately, negotiating a personal injury claim with an insurance company can be a stressful and drawn-out process.

That’s why we built this website. This guide helps personal injury victims navigate the claims process on their own. We’re not a law firm, but the information here is written by experienced lawyers.

There are two main sections:

  • The Claim Guide walks you step-by-step through the claims process, giving useful insider tips and “how-to” information to help with your claim.
  • Case Types gives all the main categories of personal
    injury claims, and specific information for each case type.

The most common personal injuries result from car accidents and slip and falls, but many people are injured by defective products, dog attacks, work equipment, etc. This site helps you understand the claim and lawsuit process regardless of your particular injury.

Auto Accidents

Premises Liability

Work Injuries

Dog Attacks

Product Liability

Medical Malpractice

Other Case Types

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Going to Court

What to Do After an Injury

What’s Your Injury Worth?

After Receiving Payment

Who Should Pay?

Types of Insurance and Liability Laws

Liability in Different Scenarios

How to Get Your Payment

Small Claims Court and Other Options

Car Accident Claim Negotiations

Slip and Fall Claim Negotiations

Product Liability Claim Negotiations

Dog Attack Claim Negotiations

Medical Malpractice Negotiation Example

How Much is Your Injury Claim Worth?

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