How to Get Your Compensation After Suffering a Personal Injury

Many injury claims can be handled directly with the insurance company. We walk you through the negotiation process and give options if the adjuster won’t cooperate.

A good negotiation strategy is critical to getting the injury settlement you deserve.

We show you how to build an effective strategy for handling your personal injury claim, starting with organizing your claim, preparing a demand for compensation, and negotiating with the adjuster to reach a fair settlement.

Here you’ll get valuable insight on dealing with insurance adjusters, and how to handle their most common negotiation tactics.

If you can’t reach a settlement, you may have to take your claim past the negotiation stage. It’s important to know about all your options right from the start.

We give information so you can decide whether to file a lawsuit in small claims court, engage in alternative dispute resolution, or file a full-blown lawsuit in civil court.

Establishing Your Personal Injury Claim

Learn how to get ready for negotiations before the first phone call. It’s up to you to prove the insured was at fault, and to validate the scope of your injuries.

The better prepared you are to present your case, the easier it is for the claims adjuster to justify paying you more compensation.

The Personal Injury Claim Process: Steps to Settlement
A guide to the personal injury claim process in easy to understand language. Follow these steps to get fair compensation for your losses.

How to Organize Your Paperwork for a Successful Injury Claim
Organize your injury claim documents, bills, and notes like a pro. A complete and organized file will help boost your compensation.

What You Need to Know About Medical Records for Injury Claims
How to get the medical records you need for your personal injury claim and protect your medical privacy when dealing with the insurance company.

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations: Protect Your Rights 
Beware of how the statute of limitations might affect your personal injury claim. Don’t forfeit your right to pursue compensation.

Beginner’s Guide to Calculating Personal Injury Compensation
Don’t rely on the adjuster’s personal injury calculator for fair compensation. Here’s how to figure out what your injury claim is really worth.

Child Injury Claims & Settlements: What Every Parent Needs to Know
Personal injury claims involving children can be complicated. Here’s what parents must know to get fair compensation for their children.

Injury Compensation When the At-Fault Driver Files Bankruptcy
Accident victims may face challenges when the at-fault driver files bankruptcy. Here’s what you need to know to protect your injury claim.

Dealing with Insurance Company Claims Adjusters

Claims adjusters are trained to protect the insurance company’s bottom line, not your best interest. Find out how adjusters negotiate injury claims, and the tactics they try to use against you.

What You Need to Know About Dealing With Insurance Claim Adjusters
Get the inside story on dealing with insurance adjusters to boost your personal injury compensation. Here’s what you should know before filing your claim.

Negotiating with Claims Adjusters: Handling Styles and Tactics
Learn how to effectively handle the insurance adjuster’s style and tactics when negotiating your injury claim settlement.

Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating Your Car Accident Settlement
Avoid these costly mistakes when negotiating with the insurance company to make sure you get maximum compensation after a car accident.

How to Spot Bad Faith Negotiation Tactics
Learn to recognize when the insurance adjuster is negotiating your personal injury claim in bad faith, and what you can do about it.

Successfully Negotiating Your Injury Claim

The most challenging part of handling your injury claim without an attorney is negotiating with the adjuster. With a little coaching, you should be able to successfully negotiate for a reasonable settlement amount.

Introduction to Negotiating a Personal Injury Claim
Here’s what you need to know to negotiate a personal injury settlement with the insurance company. Find out how to settle your claim for fair compensation.

How to Negotiate Effectively with Patience and Persistence
Learn how applying patience and persistence while negotiating an injury settlement with the claims adjuster can boost your compensation.

Pro Negotiation Tips for Settling Your Personal Injury Claim
Tips on using attorney-style negotiation tactics to settle your injury claim with the insurance company for maximum compensation.

How to Negotiate a Car Accident Settlement Without a Lawyer
Maximize your injury compensation by negotiating your car accident claim directly with the insurance company. Here’s how to get a fair settlement.

5 Steps to Successfully Negotiating a Car Accident Claim 
Boost your injury compensation by knowing how to effectively negotiate your car accident claim with the insurance company.

How to Reject a Low Personal Injury Settlement Offer
Take advantage of these valuable negotiation tips to counter a low-ball personal injury settlement offer from the insurance company.

How to Confirm Your Injury Settlement Offer and Accept Your Check
What you should know about insurance release agreements. Protect your rights after accepting the adjuster’s settlement offer.

How to Handle Delays Waiting for Your Settlement Check
Still waiting for your settlement check? Here’s what you can do if the insurance company is withholding your injury compensation.

Handling Complications During Claim Negotiations

Most minor injury claims can be settled after a little give and take on both sides. However, you do have options if the adjuster won’t cooperate or your claim negotiations start to fall apart.

Why Your Car Accident Claim Was Denied and What To Do About It 
Here’s what you need to know if your car accident claim is denied. Don’t let the insurance company’s adjuster have the last word.

4 Options for Recovering Compensation When Negotiations Fail
Here are your best options for pursuing injury compensation when claim negotiations with the insurance company fail.

Getting a Nuisance Value Payout for Your Injury Claim
Learn how to negotiate a nuisance value payout from the insurance company for injury claims the adjuster would rather deny.

Taking Your Injury Claim to Small Claims Court

Find out how you can file a Small Claims Court lawsuit to pursue compensation for your personal injury claims.

Personal Injury Victim’s Guide to Small Claims Court
Learn how and when you should file a lawsuit in small claims court to get the injury compensation you deserve.

Should You File an Injury Lawsuit in Small Claims Court? 
We help you weigh the pros and cons of filing a small claims lawsuit to pursue fair personal injury compensation.

How to File a Personal Injury Claim in Small Claims Court 
Here’s what you should know about the forms and other tasks you’ll need to complete to file an injury lawsuit in most small claims courts.

How to Prepare a Personal Injury Case for Small Claims Court
Preparation pays off when arguing your personal injury case in small claims court. Here’s how to increase your chances of getting fair compensation.

How to Effectively Present Your Injury Case in Small Claims Court 
A strong argument can make or break the outcome of your injury lawsuit in small claims court. Here’s how to effectively present your case.

The Role of Arbitration in Personal Injury Claims

Arbitration is a method of “alternate dispute resolution,” meaning it’s a way to settle disputes out of court. Depending on the circumstances, you might be forced to use arbitration to settle your injury claim. Here’s what you should know.

Using Arbitration to Settle Your Personal Injury Claim 
Find out the pros and cons of using arbitration to settle your injury claim with the insurance company – and when you might not have a choice.

How Arbitration Works for Car Accident Injury Claims
Discover why participating in arbitration might be better than a lawsuit for settling your car accident injury claim.

What to Expect at an Arbitration Hearing for Injury Claims 
Find out what happens at an arbitration hearing when you face off with the insurance company over your personal injury claim.

Helpful Negotiation Tips by Claim Type

We’ve put together collections of negotiation tips for the most common types of injury claims to help you recover all your “hard costs” and increase compensation for the pain and suffering part of your settlement.

Car Accident Injury Claims:

12 Tips for Negotiating Hard Costs in a Car Accident Injury Claim
Use these tips to negotiate full reimbursement for all the bills and expenses relating to your car accident claim.

10 Tips for Negotiating Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident
Try these tips to persuade the insurance adjuster to pay fair pain and suffering compensation as part of your car accident claim.

Sample Car Accident Claim Negotiations 
Here’s where we walk you through a sample negotiation with an auto insurance adjuster and provide helpful hints for settling your own injury claim.


Slip and Fall Injury Claims:

10 Tips for Negotiating Hard Costs After a Slip and Fall Accident
Take these tips to get the insurance company to cover all your expenses after a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property.

8 Tips for Negotiating Pain and Suffering Compensation for Slip and Fall Injuries 
Get negotiation tips you can use to convince the insurance company to pay for your pain and suffering after a slip and fall accident.

Sample Insurance Negotiations for a Slip and Fall Accident
Follow sample claim negotiations between a slip and fall victim and the insurance company, along with helpful hints throughout the dialogue.

Product Liability Injury Claims:

10 Tips for Negotiating Compensation in a Defective Product Claim
You can recover losses caused by defective product injuries. Use these tips for negotiating compensation from the product manufacturer.

7 Tips to Negotiate Higher Injury Compensation in a Product Liability Case 
Increase your compensation for a defective product claim. Learn how to negotiate higher payment for your inconvenience and emotional distress.

Dog Bite Injury Claims:

10 Tips for Negotiating a Dog Bite Injury Claim Without an Attorney 
Learn how you can negotiate a dog bite claim without an attorney and recover your hard costs from the dog owner’s insurance company.

6 Negotiation Tips to Boost Insurance Compensation for a Dog Bite Claim 
Get a bigger payout from the insurance company for your dog bite injury with these tips for negotiating pain and suffering compensation.

Sample Insurance Negotiations for Dog Bite Injuries
See our helpful hints as you follow a sample dialogue between a dog bite victim and the insurance adjuster as they negotiate an injury claim settlement.

Medical Malpractice: 

7 Tips for Pursuing a Medical Malpractice Injury Claim
Find out how to get the compensation you deserve with these tips designed to help you pursue a successful medical malpractice claim.


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