Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits for Children and Adults

How to prove liability and get compensation if you or a loved one is injured, killed, or discriminated against at work, play, or while under the care of others.

Personal injury cases, called “tort actions” are the most common reason for civil litigation than any other kind of legal action in the United States.

“Tort” is a legal term for any wrongful act that results in harm to another.

When someone is injured, and another person or entity is at fault, the injured person has a right to seek compensation for their losses.

Civil claims and lawsuits are filed for injuries arising from negligence, intentional harm, and defamation of character.

Some torts are also crimes, and the at-fault person or company may face criminal charges. Intentional torts that are also criminal include assault and battery, murder, elder abuse, and some workplace violations.

Depending on the cause and severity of your injuries, you generally have the options of:

  • Filing a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company
  • Filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party or parties

Insurance claims for minor injuries are usually resolved quickly and easily without the need for an attorney.

Complicated and high-dollar claims almost always require a skilled personal injury attorney to get the amount you deserve for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Learn more about the claims process with our Guide to Personal Injury Claims and Settlements.

Injuries from Assault, Abuse, and Other Crimes

If you were injured by an intentional or violent act, you’re entitled to pursue compensation for your injuries, whether or not the attacker is convicted of criminal charges.

Assault and Battery Claims
Whether or not your attacker is behind bars, you have the right to pursue compensation for injuries from an assault. Here’s what you need to know about your legal options.

Physical Fight Injury Claims
Fistfights can damage you physically and financially. Here’s how to build a strong claim for fight injuries and get fair compensation after getting punched or hit.

Legal Recourse for Domestic Violence
Help is available for victims of domestic abuse. Here’s what you need to know about abuse laws, restraining orders, and domestic violence compensation.

Child Abuse and Neglect
Can you sue a parent for abuse? Learn more about criminal justice and financial compensation for survivors of child abuse and neglect.

Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes
Elder abuse cases shouldn’t go unpunished. Learn to spot signs of nursing home abuse and how to get fair compensation for your elderly loved one.

School and Daycare Injuries

We trust teachers and child-care providers to protect and care for our children as we would. Here’s what parents can do when that trust is violated and a child is injured.

Daycare Liability for Accidents and Injuries
Here’s what to do when your child is injured at daycare. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t sue a daycare center for compensation.

Liability for School Accidents and Injuries
Kids are injured every day in public and private schools. Find out how to file an injury claim and get the compensation your child deserves for an accident at school.

Gym Class Accidents and Injuries
Can you get restitution from a negligent school when your child is injured in gym class? Here’s how to prove the school’s liability for injuries.

School Fights and Injuries
Find out who should pay when your child is hurt in a fight at school. Your child has a right to compensation for injuries from an assault by another student.

Sport and Recreation Injuries

We’re never too young or old to have fun or to be injured at play. From bar fights to broken swing sets, learn how to pursue compensation for sport and recreation injuries.

Sports Injury Claims: Liability and Compensation
You deserve full compensation for sports injuries caused by negligence. We unpack how to prove liability and file a strong insurance claim.

Playground Injury Claims: Parent’s Guide
Here’s what to do if your child is seriously injured on the playground. Learn who is liable and how to get the most financial compensation for your child.

Accidents Caused by Broken Playground Equipment
Get the compensation your child deserves for injuries caused by broken or defective playground equipment. Learn how to prove liability and build a strong claim.

Bar Fights: How to Prove Liability
Get fair compensation for bar fight injuries. Learn when the bar should pay for injuries caused by mean drunks, rough bouncers, and parking lot brawls.

Liability for Gun Accidents and Injuries
Gunshot victims and their families have a right to fair compensation under the law. Learn how to pursue the settlement you deserve after a gun accident.

The Martial Artist’s Guide to Legal Self-Defense
Martial artists have the same right to self-defense as anyone else. Learn how to legally and financially protect yourself when using martial arts in a fight.

Employment Related Injuries

Workers may be injured physically, emotionally and financially by negligent or illegal employment practices. Get the facts on workers’ rights and employer liability.

Employment Discrimination Guide
Learn how to file a successful employment discrimination claim. State and federal laws can help you overcome discrimination in the workplace.

Wrongful Termination: Filing an Employment Lawsuit
Illegally fired from your job?  You have the right to compensation for wrongful termination. Here’s what you need to know to make your claim.

Wrongful Death Cases

After the senseless death of a loved one, the family deserves justice and restitution. We’ll help you get the legal assistance you need to protect your family’s future.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits: Guide to Liability and Compensation
Questions about filing a wrongful death lawsuit? Learn how to prove liability, who can file wrongful death claims, and how compensation is calculated.

Liability for Car Accident Wrongful Death              
After a fatal car accident, don’t rely on the insurance company. Here’s how to protect your wrongful death claim against the driver and other parties.

How to Handle a Hospital Wrongful Death Claim
Here’s what you need to know about hospital wrongful death claims. If a loved one died in a hospital due to negligence, you may have a right to compensation.

Nursing Home Wrongful Death
If a loved one died from abuse or neglect in a nursing home, the family deserves justice and compensation. Here’s how to make the nursing home pay.

From dog bites to fake injury claims, we have compiled some short examples of personal injury cases.

Personal Injury Claim Questions & Answers