What happens in auto accident with no damage to my car?

I made a left turn into a road. I then realized that a car was going over the speed limit and was approaching me fast from behind. I changed lanes to avoid an accident, but so did the other driver, who oversteered and hit the sidewalk, blowing up one tire. My car was not hit... Read More >>

Businesses liability for not fixing dangerous door?

My mom was entering a Dollar Tree on a very windy day. The door on the left was stuck in front of the right door. When opening the door on the right, wind caught the left door, violently flung it open and hit it my mom. It sent her sailing through the air, and she... Read More >>

Workers’ comp refuses to order MRI for elbow injury?

I am a restaurant manager for a very busy chain restaurant. We are very short staffed, so I went in on my day off to help out. I was cooking, on line. I went to dump a basket of cooked fries, into a warming plate, and a very sharp pain in my elbow brought me... Read More >>

Injury claim for a bumper bump?

Early in the morning a couple months ago I was coming off the freeway (not fresh off the off-ramp, there’s an intersection that I had stopped at prior to this one). I was feeling a little sleepy since I was dragged out of bed to drop my sister off in town, which is an hour... Read More >>

Is my son’s school liable for his broken femur and broken wrist?

My elementary school-aged son (9) was in gym class where they were instructed to play never-ending tag. The gymnasium is lined with benches along all of the walls. The teacher left the gymnasium and went into the adjacent equipment room. She could not see the kids in her line of vision. There were no other... Read More >>

Insurance adjuster requesting IME 6 months after injury?

I was injured February 24, 2018 on the premises of my apartment complex. I fell on a broken step and injured my back. The apartment complex is not denying liability, but now the insurance company handling the claim wants me to do an IME. It’s 6 months after the injuries and now I’m healed. I... Read More >>

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