Broken foot after hardwood fell in Lowe’s…

While in the hardwood department at Lowe’s, we were asked to grab our own box of hardwood from the shelf. As we were standing looking at someone else, the box fell and broke my foot. We were never asked to for a cart, or help or to bring the heavy box to the register, yet... Read More >>

Can a defective automobile air bag limit my injury compensation?

A front end auto collision occurred on January, 2018 with a party who ran a red light, in the state of Maryland, that resulted in injuries. The injuries were the result of both the collision and also to the delayed air bag deployment. Can the other party’s insurance company then limit their compensation to me... Read More >>

How do I file a claim extension with an insurance company?

The 2 year anniversary date of being injured will be in 3 months. I was a passenger in a car at the time of the accident. The driver was at fault. Partnership Health Plan Ca. paid all hospital and medical bills. I have a lien to Reimburse with settlement. My last doctors appointment was 9/26/17.... Read More >>

How do I demand a rental vehicle after an accident?

I was rear ended at high speed while sitting at a complete stop at a traffic signal. The woman driving admitted fault in the police report. I went to the emergency room, and since then have had to attend multiple ongoing chiropractic appointments AND now physical therapy. There was a CT scan ordered after the... Read More >>

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