Injury claim for a bumper bump?

Early in the morning a couple months ago I was coming off the freeway (not fresh off the off-ramp, there’s an intersection that I had stopped at prior to this one). I was feeling a little sleepy since I was dragged out of bed to drop my sister off in town, which is an hour... Read More >>

Insurance adjuster requesting IME 6 months after injury?

I was injured February 24, 2018 on the premises of my apartment complex. I fell on a broken step and injured my back. The apartment complex is not denying liability, but now the insurance company handling the claim wants me to do an IME. It’s 6 months after the injuries and now I’m healed. I... Read More >>

Concussion and neck injury from zero gravity chair collapsing?

I was sleeping in the ‘zero gravity’ chair in the fully reclined position on my porch. It suddenly completely collapsed, pitching me backward, slamming my head on to the concrete floor. I have a concussion with a good size lump on the back of my head, as well as a neck injury. My arm was... Read More >>

What’s the “date of injury” in this toxic mold case?

I live in Oklahoma City. My health/life has been devastated by mycotoxins that were in the ventilation system of my apartment in OKC called The Edge. I moved in August 12, 2016. I became ill and thought I was just exhausted from the move. I demanded the property manager have air experts test my air.... Read More >>

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