How can I add to a claim that I’ve already submitted?

While on vacation, I was involved in a bus accident in Nevada. Upon returning home, I received treatment for wrist and neck injuries. After three months, treatment was wrapped up and all paperwork was submitted. That was 11 months ago. There has been no word on who was to take responsibility in order to present... Read More >>

Why won’t my doctor see me after work injury?

On Aug 7, 2017, I was exiting an F-150 to complete an inspection. It was raining so I pulled it in to a covered area. The floor is waxed for the sales. I stepped on the floor and my feet slipped out from under me. I hit my lower back on the running board and... Read More >>

Will my previous insurance claim affect my current one?

In 2004 I fell on a friend’s boat and injured my knee. They were using an empty cooler with a broken lid as a step for us to get into the boat. I hired an attorney to pursue a claim for my medical bills and lost wages. We settled out of court for $37,000. Recently,... Read More >>

Should we wait for an offer before hiring an attorney?

My husband was in a motorcycle accident in June 2017. He was traveling at about 45-50mph on a main road in Vermont. A commercial van did not see him and turned left to enter a ramp to the interstate. My husband didn’t have time to stop and essentially smashed right into the front quartet panel.... Read More >>

Claim for slip and fall on cracked pavement at a gas station?

I had just gone inside to prepay for my gas. While walking to my car I had to walk around another car and tripped on cracked pavement, falling on my knee. After a few minutes of getting up it started hurting worse and started swelling. I went inside and filled out an incident report. There... Read More >>

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