Lawsuit for German Shepherd attack on my wife?

On Sunday 12/3/2017 at approximately 3:30pm my wife departed home for a neighborhood trail walk and was physically attacked by a large German Shepherd named Dexter darting out from a neighbor’s property into the street from the front yard. The Dog’s caretaker at the time, name unknown, but an adult man was in front of... Read More >>

Claim for plastic piece in fast food sandwich?

Back on 12/7/17, I bought food at a fast food restaurant in Deltona, FL. When eating my sandwich, I bit into something hard. It was a bit piece of plastic. The restaurant recognized it was the plastic that comes with the lettuce package. I have preserved the specimen with the sandwich wrapper in my freezer.... Read More >>

Wrongful death suit if elderly parent dies of pneumonia?

My mother, 93, has late stage Parkinson’s Disease, and she is currently living in a skilled nursing facility in Wilmington, DE. About a week and a half ago, the facility finally admitted she was “in decline” and eligible for hospice. Around the same time, I was notified of her not eating and drinking. She was... Read More >>

Permanent nerve damage, should I close case or leave open?

I was injured during a teaching job in California. An EMG test confirmed S1 and L5 nerve damage, along with Facet joint arthritis, bulging disc, and spinal stenosis. I quit my job and then applied for workers comp. It was a small school and I didn’t know I could apply for workers comp before quitting.... Read More >>

Legal liability for ATV rolling on top of me?

On Aug 20 I rented an ATV in Maine for 4 hours and so did my boyfriend. An hour into the trip I went over a hill and my guide was nowhere to be seen. There was a sharp turn and I did not notice any caution signs atop of the hill. I saw the... Read More >>

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