Broken bone on school playground?

My 6-yr old daughter attends summer school and they have the kids in the middle school building. The kids have recess after lunch (which is never mentioned in the schedule). She went on the monkey bar (that’s meant for middle schoolers), realizing she wasn’t tall enough to reach the first bar and lost balance and... Read More >>

Is more than one driver at fault in this 3 car accident?

At an intersection the lead driver A made a sudden stop in the middle of traffic, as a result driver B stopped completely behind her. Then driver C rear ended her SUV into driver B. There was a loud crash causing extensive damage to driver B but also pushing driver B into driver A’s vehicle,... Read More >>

Three-car collision where at-fault driver has no insurance?

There was a rear end collision, where my daughter was stopped and a vehicle hit her back at 40 miles an hour, causing her to hit the vehicle in front of her. The car that caused the accident did not make their insurance payment the day before the accident, so they had no insurance. My... Read More >>

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