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Can I sue for debilitating side effects from medication?

Submitted By: Alysha (Tampa, FL)

About a year ago I was prescribed Ziprasidone (Geodon). Everything was fine at first, but then I started getting this terrible feeling in my head. I felt disconnected from my body, I couldn’t concentrate, everything seemed unreal and far away, like I was not really there. Then panic attacks came strong. I was in and out of the hospital for two weeks for these two reasons alone.

I’ve always had anxiety, but never like this. I’m afraid to leave my house, I fear death is everywhere (border line agoraphobic). I used to be so cheerful and loved to go places and do activities, now I fear everything will kill me. I won’t leave my house unless I must.

That isn’t it though… my heart races rapidly, my chest always hurts, it’s difficult to breath, I’m very paranoid, and I can’t hardly ever sleep. When I do sleep, it’s for 12-15 hours at a time. I’m always exhausted, weak, feeling faint and very dizzy, I can’t have a proper bowel movement, and I barely eat because I don’t have an appetite.

I’ve been off of this pill for a long time now, maybe 8 months. I had no idea these symptoms were even related to the medication until tonight. I was never warned about any of these potential side effects. What can I do?

I can’t keep a job due to panic attacks and weakness, and I can’t even leave my house without freaking out now. I feel so crazy, like something is wrong with me, but after research I discovered that these are all symptoms caused by the drug.

My big question is, can I sue for all this? Who would I file the lawsuit against? I was never informed that this could happen to me. I was only put on the drug for manic depressive disorder and now I am literally a basket case. What can I do? Thank you.

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Dear Alysha,

You may have the basis of a lawsuit. The drug itself may be under scrutiny by the FDA and other governmental agencies. Moreover, there may be a class action filed on behalf of other victims who have suffered similar symptoms and side effects.

If you can find a class action and “opt in”, you will be provided legal representation at no costs to you. These are generally referred to as class action defective product claims. You can go online to several sites to see if there is a class action filed for your particular drug’s side effects.

Learn more here: Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

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