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Chair broke inside restaurant causing leg injuries…

Submitted By: Leah (Las Vegas, NV)

Some of my family came to town. They decided to eat at a relatively higher-end restaurant I’d recommended located at the Las Vegas Nevada City Center. Moments after being seated, the chair she was sitting in just collapsed as the legs of the chair gave way.

My aunt is only 170lbs and can’t imagine this to cause an upper scale restaurant chair to cave. She suffered a very painful leg injury that caused her to spend the last day in a wheel chair and in a lot of pain.

Casino Management team did come and filed reports. Photos were also taken by the Casino Police, Managers, etc. The following day she went to the hospital in her local city of Los Angeles, and the results indicated a fractured ankle and torn ligaments.

Medical bills are bound to happen as the Dr. said it will be at least 6 months for full recovery. In addition her husband has to miss work now to care for her, and obviously that is also an issue.

Being that she did not request an ambulance while in Las Vegas or go to a Las Vegas hospital, is there still a chance for filing a case, being that she lives in Los Angeles? Or any recourse for that matter? Any information you can give would be great. Thanks.

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Dear Leah,

Your aunt appears to have a very strong claim against the restaurant owner, restaurant management company, or other entity which controls the restaurant’s premises. It really doesn’t matter where your aunt seeks medical care. This is especially true because your aunt lives in the same city in which she is seeking medical care.

There are some injuries which can be handled by a victim without the assistance of an attorney. These types of injuries are normally referred to as “soft tissue.” Soft tissue injuries can include muscle, tendon or ligament strains and sprains, minor burns, whiplash, etc.

A victim like your aunt, who suffers a more serious “hard injury”, really needs the advice and counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. Hard injuries include broken bones, head trauma, serious burns, and the like.

Your aunt has two choices. She can seek out a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, or try to find one in Las Vegas. Because your aunt may not know any personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas, she might be better served by seeking an attorney in Los Angeles.

A Los Angeles attorney can locate an experienced attorney in Las Vegas. The attorneys will likely split the legal fees between them. That’s a common practice and will not increase your aunt’s legal fees at all.

Your aunt should be entitled to compensation for her medical bills, out of pocket expenses for medications, wheelchair, etc., lost wages (if any), and an amount for her pain and suffering.

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The above is general information. Laws change frequently, and across jurisdictions. You should get a personalized case evaluation from a licensed attorney.

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