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Compensation for broken foot at out-of-state hotel?

Submitted By: Lori (Minneapolis, MN)

I was in Dania Beach Florida, on business from Minnesota for the dates of Feb 22 – Feb 24.

On the night of Feb 23 I was getting out of the courtesy shuttle at the hotel, there was no handle to hold on to in the shuttle and the driver placed a very small plastic shelf/stool for the passengers to step on to exit the shuttle.

The driver then went to the back of the bus to unload baggage, offering no help. With no handles provided on the bus and carrying my laptop bag and my purse, one on each shoulder, I stepped on the so called step stool/shelf and it gave way because it was not on even ground, leaving me to fall out of the shuttle and land on the bricks.

Since I was in Florida for work (it was my 2nd day at a new job) I went to my room and iced it all night. I was returning back to Minnesota the following day (Feb 25) and chose to return home and then seek medical attention after I returned home.

I went to the DR the next morning and my right foot does have a fractured bone and I am in an aircast for the next 6 weeks. This is not a good way to start a new job with a new company.

I did report it to the hotel manager and she said they would cover all medical bills, but did not give me any of their insurance information, they just stated they would cover it thru their Controller. Now I am getting

a letter from the Dr that I saw and they need the hotel’s insurance information.

Since I reported the accident the hotel has made no attempt to contact me to ask how I am doing, no communication from them at all. Should I contact Best Western Headquarters, or keep pressing with the hotel it happened at directly? How do I get their insurance information? Is there anything I should know about filing a claim with them? Thank you.

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Dear Lori,

Contact Best Western’s Corporate Office at:

6201 N. 24th Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85016

Telephone 602-957-4200 Best Western’s Corporate Website

Tell them you were injured in an accident at the Dania Beach, Florida hotel on February 23rd, 2016. Because you reported the injury to the hotel manager at the Dania Beach location, there should be an incident report form created by the manager or one of the employees.

Tell the corporate office you want to have your medical bills paid, along with reimbursement for your out of pocket expenses (for medications, crutches, costs of travel to treatment, etc.), your lost wages (if you had to miss work during treatment or recovery), and an additional amount for your pain and suffering.

It is likely you will have to leave your name and contact information with the corporate office. They will probably not give you their insurance information over the telephone and will instead tell you someone from the corporate headquarters will be in touch with you.

Be sure to ask for the name and title of the person who will be handling the matter. Follow up on the phone call with a certified letter.

In the alternative, you can seek the advice of and counsel of several experienced personal injury attorneys in your area. Depending on the amount of your medical bills, if they are substantial you may find an attorney to agree to represent you on a contingency fee basis.

Learn more here: Hotel Accident and Injury Claims

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