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Compensation for widespread scarring from road rash?

Submitted By: B (Shelby, NC, USA)

On September 2, 2013, I was involved in an accident. I went riding on the back of the bike of a former high school associate. We started in Dallas, NC & ended in Cherokee County, SC. We were in Cherokee County on the way back to Shelby and riding behind us was some random guy we met at the restaurant we had lunch in around 1pm.

I almost absolutely want to say the driver was trying to show off for me and the other guy. The driver shifted into 3rd gear which is around 60 – 65 mph. When he shifted and popped the clutch, I got thrown off the back.

I landed on my bottom at first and then flipped forward. After sliding across the pavement for what felt like a lifetime I looked up to see him STILL going down the road. He finally turned around & came to see the most horrific scene of a lifetime, which was sadly, me.

When I popped off the back I got road rash over 75% of my body including both my shoulders, elbows, forearms, hands, breast, thighs, & knees. My left butt cheek got it the worst, along with the back of my left thigh and calve. My right foot also ate asphalt.

These ended up being 2nd & 3rd degree burns which landed me in bed for about a month and a half. I suffered a great deal.

The driver told me his insurance policy was only $30,000 dollars. My hospital bills alone are $28,000 dollars. My question is, will I get anything for pain and suffering?

Also, my body is now ruined. I’m a 24yr old female and I considered myself as a beautiful girl. I now have some of the ugliest knotty pink and purple scars that tear me up inside everyday. I don’t even want to leave the house. was hoping for plastic surgery but I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Could anyone shine some sunlight on this rainy lifetime for me?

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Dear B,

In addition to being extremely painful, you must have been terrified as you bounced and skid along the ground. Thankfully you lived. You have three choices:

First: You can accept the insurance money and move on.

Second: You can retain a personal injury attorney to investigate the driver’s personal assets. If the driver has additional assets sufficient to cover your medical bills, out of pocket expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and attorney legal fees, the attorney can file suit to recover those assets in addition to the insurance money.

Third: In addition to pursuing the driver’s assets and insurance money, the attorney can attempt to work out what is referred to as a “compromise agreement.” Attorneys are often able to work with creditors such as hospitals to have them agree to lower, or compromise, their bills.

While you can attempt to work out a compromise agreement with the medical creditors yourself, you’ll probably have more success allowing an attorney to do so for you.

Learn more here: Motorcycle Accident Claims

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