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Death from Subdural Hematoma After Falling at a Skilled Nursing Facility…

Submitted By: Anonymous (USA)

My grandfather fell while trying to get out of bed at a skilled nursing facility. He seemed fine on Saturday and Sunday, but took a turn for the worse early on Monday morning and was dead by 7pm that night. The cause of death was listed as “subdural hematoma”.

Is the skilled nursing facility where he was responsible for his fall and resulting death? Shouldn’t they have been monitoring him to make sure he didn’t fall? This seems like negligence to me? Thanks for any information you can give on liability in this situation.

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Dear Anonymous,

The underlying circumstances of your grandfather’s slip and fall will have to be examined. If it is determined the nursing home staff was negligent in not using safety restraints to keep your grandfather in his bed, or by not monitoring him to determine if he needed to get up to use the restroom or walk around, the owners of the nursing home may be liable for his “wrongful death.”

The autopsy will be very important. It should verify that the subdural hematoma was the direct result of your grandfather falling and the proximate cause of his death.

Be sure to get copies of all your grandfather’s records created during his stay at the nursing home. Additionally, ask to speak with management. You have a right to know why he wasn’t monitored and assisted. Try and speak with staff members as well. See if they will speak to you plainly and not just repeat the “company line.”

Most importantly, contact several licensed personal injury attorneys with experience in nursing home or elder abuse law. You can be confident non of them will charge you a fee for an initial office consultation. There are some personal injury cases which can be handled without an attorney. A wrongful death case is definitely not one of them.

Bring with you to the attorney appointments your grandfather’s nursing home records and a copy of the autopsy. Attorneys can take depositions of nursing staff (forcing them to tell the truth under penalty of perjury), subpoena nursing home records, and view the nursing home records which may be related to their treatment of your grandfather or other patients.

In short, leave it up to a skilled attorney. You’ll be glad you did.

Learn more here: Nursing Home Wrongful Deaths

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2 thoughts on “Death from Subdural Hematoma After Falling at a Skilled Nursing Facility…

  1. LINDA says:

    My mom was in a nursing home and she was a risk for falling. They knew this and she was still put in a bed with just a grab bar. She was in the nursing home for a total of 4 days. In the 4 days she was served cold meals on filthy dishes, and she FELL OUT OF BED.


    We have absolutely no idea how long she was laying on the old filthy floor. We were told we could release her and take her to the hospital. We called 911 and had to fight to get her transferred to the hospital, where less than 3 days later she died. Do we have a case?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nursing homes do not use physical restraints or chemical restraints. They have fall risk tools in place…they will use a lower bed for the patient or mats on the floor to cushion a fall.

    My mom has had several falls including hospitalization from falls, and it’s a risk we take placing her in the nursing home. They don’t use restraints to maintain a patient’s dignity, which is very important in the elderly population.

    Sorry for your loss.

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