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Doctor removed my uterus for no reason?

Submitted By: Tiffani (Reno, NV)

I had a prolapsed bladder, which required surgery to repair the muscles that had given out. My gynecologist told me, after an exam and ultra sound, that I had to have a hysterectomy due to having Adenomyosis. My gynecologist told me my uterus was 5 times bigger than it should be. My gyno referred me to a surgeon who did another exam on my uterus, and tested my bladder to see how much fluid it would be able to hold.

The results of that test showed that I did require a sling and muscle repair to hold up my bladder. This surgeon had all the tests and diagnosis from my gynecologist. They had set up surgery within a couple days for me to have a total hysterectomy and remove my right ovary. I was also told by the gyno that my right ovary was full of cysts and needed to be removed.

My husband read my chart with the surgeon’s notes, which the nurse left in the pre-op room the day of my surgery. The notes said that that my uterus was normal size and no sign of any problems. After the surgery the Gynecologist told me my uterus looked totally healthy and there were no signs of any disease.

I saw the surgeon yesterday and he had told my husband and me and my uterus were in perfect health, and the biopsy came back normal. So, this whole time I was being told by both doctors that I had this condition (Adenomyosis) that required a full hysterectomy, and it turns out that nothing was wrong? I want to know what I should do at this point as my husband and I were thinking of having a child together before I went to see my gynecologist.

I had my tubes tied years ago but we were discussing in vitro fertilization as an option. Having my uterus removed for no reason means that will never be a possibility for us. What should I do?

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Dear Tiffani,

You present a very complex set of medical facts. Those facts certainly merit scrutiny. If in fact the doctors(s)’ mistakes resulted in your having to endure a completely unnecessary hysterectomy, then you certainly seem to have enough evidence to pursue a medical malpractice case against the doctors and hospital where the surgery was performed.

In most cases, hospitals are wholly or partially liable for the negligence of their doctors, especially when the hospital knew, or should have known those doctors were incompetent, or had performed unnecessary surgeries in the past.

You have a right to a complete set of copies of your medical records. Gather them and seek out several medical malpractice attorneys in your area. Most malpractice attorneys have websites where they describe the types of medical malpractice cases they accept, and the amounts of money they have secured for their clients in the past.

Fortunately, most reputable attorneys do not charge for initial office consultations. Once an attorney accepts your case you won’t have to pay any costs or fees until, and unless your attorney wins your case.

Learn more here: Physician Malpractice Claims

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