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Experiencing vertigo and pain after getting T-boned at a red light…

Submitted By: Bonnie (Huntsville, AL; accident in GA)

Over a month ago I was T-boned while sitting at a red light.

The lady immediately jumped out of her car and said it was her fault. So did the police officer.

I was very shook up, but felt no pain at that point, so said I did not need an ambulance.

That night, it hurt whenever I turned over in bed.

My hips hurt so much that it woke me up every time I moved.

We were in Georgia because my brother-in-law was dying, and I was still shook up and not thinking clearly because of the family trauma. I took aspirin and benadryl to help me sleep.

We went home and the pain in my hips got worse, along with some neck pain. I saw a chiropractor for an adjustment, but did not mention the accident. A few days later I began to have debilitating vertigo, dizziness, and vomiting.

I went to my medical doctor and didn’t mention the accident to him either, as it simply didn’t occur to me that any of it was because of the crash.

I gave the adjuster a recorded statement on the phone the day after the accident, and was offered $250 for pain and suffering. I said I thought I was OK, and didn’t accept the $250, but they sent it anyway. When I got it, I realized that it wouldn’t even cover the medical bills, so I called back and they upped it to $1,000, and they sent me a check for that amount.

I haven’t cashed the check because my brother-in-law died and we had to go back to the town in GA and deal with the funeral, and all that entailed.

Meanwhile, it occurred to me that the sleeplessness, pain, vertigo, and all of that began right after the accident.

I do not intend to cash the check, and do intend to try to get them to pay for medical treatment for this. I don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t want to “take” anyone, but I am not well physically and I am anxious, depressed, and in pan.

What should my next step be?

Thank you for any help.

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Dear Bonnie,

To have any chance of having the at-fault driver’s insurance pay for your medical and chiropractic bills, you will need clear proof your injuries were the direct and proximate result of the at-fault driver’s negligence.

It was certainly unfortunate you failed to mention the collision to either the chiropractor or your medical doctor. It would have seemed logical your symptoms were related to the car crash. In any event, go back to your chiropractor and doctor and ask them if your symptoms could have been caused by the collision. Hopefully they will agree.

If so, you will need a chiropractic and medical narrative from them that makes clear your symptoms and required treatment were caused by the car collision, and nothing else. Without supporting medical and chiropractic documentation, you will have a very difficult time convincing the at-fault driver’s insurance company to pay your bills.

If you are successful in connecting your symptoms to the collision, you may have a right to compensation for your medical and chiropractic bills, out-of-pocket expenses (for medications, bandages, cervical collar, etc.), your lost wages (if you had to miss work to for treatment), and an amount for your pain and suffering.

Learn more here: Side-Impact Collision Claims

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We wish you the best with your claim,


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